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Kitchen work becomes much easier and easier when you have good tools. The frying pan is one of the most useful utensils used in the kitchen. And in this sense, Bergner pans are positioning themselves as one of the best options on the market thanks to their constant research in the development of new technologies.

In any professional kitchen worth its salt, you will always find pans of various sizes and materials. The Bergner firm is a brand of pans that has been in the market for almost 20 years and that offers a high quality product aimed at both a non-professional public and professional cooks. The great vision of the future of its president Mr. Janek Davitashvili has made this brand prosper quickly. Based in Vienna, Bergner is already a giant in the household goods sector. 

First of all, we leave you with a simple table where you can quickly see the main characteristics of what we consider the three best pans of the Austrian firm Bergner. If you want, below you can see the characteristics of each one. To the mess!

Now we leave you with a short video where you can see a little the history of the Bergner brand. At the end of the day, it is important to know who you are entrusting the meals to your next years, right?

The best Bergner pans

We want to help you decide the Bergner frying pan that best suits your needs, for this we offer you information about the best pans of this brand that can help you prepare the best dishes.

Bergner pans – San Ignacio

If we want to talk about the Bergner pans, without a doubt we have to mention the latest collaboration he has made with the Spanish historical firm San Ignacio. And it is that as a result of the collaboration of the two firms, what we believe are one of the best quality / price pans on the market right now have come out.

We refer to the San Ignacio Masterpro Gravity, designed by Bergner and San Ignacio and promoted by the prestigious Chef Pepe Rodríguez.

We have talked at length in an article about these masterpro pans in this article, but if what you want is a summary, we will tell you that it is about super light pans made of pressed aluminum and with one of the best non-stick pans on the market today. , the Whitford Eclipse.

In this video you can see the brief presentation that Chef Pepe Rodríguez makes of the Bergner-San Ignacio Masterpro Gravity pans

We have tested it for a year in a Wok, which as you know is more delicate because it works at very high temperatures, and we always wash it in the dishwasher, and the non-stick is simply outstanding.

If you are looking for some pans manufactured by Bergner (in collaboration with San Ignacio), these are, from our point of view, the best option.

Bergner Professional C hef Copper Plus Pans

It is a set of 3 pans made of pressed aluminum that offers a copper exterior finish. Its interior is black non-stick and perfectly combines a traditional design with a very modern finish.

The handle of the three pans is stainless steel and they have a hole in the center that can come in handy so you can hang it in your kitchen or so you can put the spoon while you cook.

These pans can be used for all types of fires, both gas fires, induction or glass ceramic. In this lot you can find the three pans of the sizes that you usually need in your kitchen, which are 18, 22 and 26 centimeters.

A very remarkable aspect of this set of pans is that it has handles that are hollow so that they are always cold when you cook. Thanks to this design you can use them safely.

The design is another aspect that should be highlighted in these pans. They have a very classic design, but with a very modern finish that will fit the tastes of many.

Undoubtedly a high quality product that has also been produced respecting the environment since pressed aluminum is more ecological.

Bergner Orion pans

We now analyze a model of a frying pan of great originality and quality. It is the model from Bergner’s Orion collection. This frying pan has been made of forged aluminum that provides great resistance and durability.

The design is a very classic design as it has a cladding made of gray marble, with black and white flecks both inside and outside. With this design it is reminiscent of the frying pan models that we have seen for many years in many kitchens.

Bergner Orion pans

Bergner Just For Chefs Pans

These Just For Chefs pans are, without a doubt, the flagship of the Austrian firm. Since they were launched on the market they have been a resounding success and with dozens of reasons. On the one hand, the manufacturing quality is beyond question. It has the best materials such as a super light aluminum body and a silicone coated stainless steel handle . Handling this pan with one hand will be very easy because of how light it is and how non-slip its handle is.

But not everything is the materials! What about the non-stick? Well, the Austrians here didn’t skimp on anything either. It features nothing less than Whitford’s best non-stick: Quantanium. This material is tremendously non-stick and guarantees its durability with a Titanium coating. The Titanium layer is superimposed on the non-stick layer, so if for whatever reason it tries to scratch the non-stick surface, the resistance of the titanium intervenes protecting it. As we say, everything has been thought of in this Just For Chefs frying pan by Bergner. Today, one of the best pans that you can take home.

This model has a very soft soft-touch handle that makes it easy for you to cook without the risk of burning yourself since the handle always remains cold, even when it is on fire.

This frying pan is suitable for use in all types of cookers including induction cookers. You can find it in many different sizes.

It should be noted that it is a very classic model if you are one of those who like the flavor of the traditional but that provides all the safety and quality in the finishes typical of the most modern pans.

With this frying pan you can make a healthy cooking since it is free of lead, cadmium and PFOA. It is a frying pan with a great design and good finishes suitable for the most professional kitchen.

Bergner Eclipse Pans

We now present a frying pan that stands out for its design and finishes. We summarize the main characteristics of this frying pan in the following points:

  • It is made of pressed aluminum with a copper-colored finish that gives it a vintage look that is very fashionable in today’s kitchens.
  • It has a bottom called full induction ”, which means that the entire bottom of the pan is in contact with the stove, which helps to distribute the heat evenly over the entire surface when using it. obtaining richer stews.
  • The interior cladding is made in black with flecks of gold and silver and on the outside it is shiny in color and finished in copper.
  • Its handle is made of stainless steel with a copper insert.
Bergner Eclipse Pans

In addition, it has a Xylan Plus non-stick coating that makes it have a highly durable finish and where you will never have problems of food sticking.

Without a doubt, this frying pan is an elegant and designer frying pan that will delight any chef who likes products with a romantic touch. 

Bergner Red Stone Pans

We finish our analysis with the Red Stone skillet . It is a model in black both inside and out that incorporates a black marble coating.

The handle of the pan is made of silicone, which facilitates its use without risks since it remains cold, even when it is cooking on the fire. This coupled with the fact that the handle is totally ergonomic designed so that you can grip it safely and comfortably.

Bergner Red Stone Pans

Its 4 mm forged aluminum construction ensures that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the body of the pan. Its ceramic coating on the inside also allows it to be anti-scratch.

With these bergner pans you will be able to obtain elaborations with a uniform distribution of heat, facilitating homogeneous stews.

You can use it in all types of fires and kitchens, which makes it easy to use in any environment, whether it is more classic or more modern.

As the most outstanding features of this model we can highlight that it heats up very quickly and that you can use it for a long time without scratching or having any loss of adhesion.

Bergner Ocean pans

If you like original products in your kitchen, without a doubt, this set of pans is what your kitchen needs. It is a set of pans in blue both outside and inside.

The interior is blue with diamond that gives it a distinctive and elegant touch that you will not find easily in any kitchen.

The handle is also blue which gives it a very original look. Pans are lightweight designed to facilitate you work in kitchen and elaborate wrought aluminum.

Bergner Ocean pans

Thanks to its materials and its design, you can distribute the heat evenly on its base whenever you use it. In addition, as they are suitable for all types of fires you will not have problems.

An outstanding aspect of this model is that it is resistant to scratches, so you will not have problems to use them intensively, since they are of great durability.

The pack of pans incorporates three sizes that are the most common in this type of product. You will find them in 16, 20 and 24 centimeters in diameter.

Without a doubt, a very original and high quality product. If you want to give a distinctive touch to your kitchen, this set of blue pans will be very appropriate.

Bergner Ultra Granite Pans

It is a set of 3 pans that are made of pressed aluminum that respects the environment and is ecological. They can be used in all types of fires.

The set brings pans of three different dimensions so that you can use them according to the needs and the elaborations that you are going to develop. You will find 8, 9 and 11 inch pans, which are the most common sizes.

Bergner Ultra Granite Pans

The exterior and interior are gray with flecks that give it a very nice marble effect. This design fits into any kitchen whether it is classic or modern.

This model incorporates a special handle that does not heat up while you use the pan so that it always remains cold.

An outstanding aspect of this set of pans is that they do not have an excessive weight due to the materials with which they are made, which facilitates their use in the kitchen.

The quality of a European firm

The reality is that today in the market there is a great diversity of pans of this brand that you can use for different purposes and uses. There are bergner pans with different types of non-stick materials. Teflon, iron, stainless steel and you can also find them in many sizes and depth levels.

Choosing the best pan for your preparations is essential. A poor choice can cause your dishes to not turn out as well as you might expect. Also, you have to keep in mind that the pans must have a long durability. You will have to choose those that are of better quality so that you use them for a long time.

Without a doubt, with this selection of pans that we have presented to you, you will be able to choose the best Bergner pans for your kitchen and with the guarantee that you get the best results in your dishes. 

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