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Do you want to buy pans or cookware ? If you are looking for a premium and high quality product, you will love the Cocotte Staub.

And it is that, when going through the box, we find all kinds of products. We have pans to get out of the way and also models of a magnificent quality, that last a lifetime and that even allow us to leave them in offspring. If you want to know what the Cocotte Staub brand looks like, don’t miss this guide:

Cocotte Staub cookware

Have you ever heard of the Cocotte Staub brand ? The truth is that we are dealing with a French manufacturer. Specifically, it is originally from Alsace, a region known for its culinary tradition and gastronomy throughout the world.

Cocotte Staub cookware uses cast iron and ceramic for a more premium culinary experience. All this, with the advantage of being able to be used in traditional cookers, glass-ceramic or induction, the cutting-edge technology could not resist them.

In addition, world famous restaurateurs speak especially highly of the Cocotte Staub brand. They value the quality of their products very much because they are used in the kitchens of renowned restaurants. Therefore, as an amateur chef you can also try the brand’s products and take your dishes to the highest level. Are you going to say no?

These are the best cookware from Cocotte Staub :

Round 24 cm cast iron pot

One of the most popular products of the firm is this fantastic 24 cm pot. It is made of cast iron and we find it available in a wide range of colors, so that you can fully adapt it to your kitchen. Among its characteristics, apart from cast iron, it also has enamel with natural pigments, as well as interior black enamel.

It can be used in any heat source except the microwave and allows food to be cooked very well due to its closed cooking circuit and its peaks on the inside of the lid. As a result, the ingredients blend perfectly and everything is delicious.

It is easy to wash and can be used in the dishwasher. It has a perfect size and is one of the most sold and preferred by chefs. It has to be yours! Also, remember that you can buy it in other colors or sizes.

Round Cocotte with Steam Basket and 26 cm

Recently, with the rise of betting on a healthy lifestyle and eating healthier, steamers have become especially popular. This pot with steam basket is perfect for healthy and delicious dishes, all from the French brand Cocotte Staub.

This particular model is available in cherry red in addition to many other colors. And we especially recommend the 26 cm one because it is versatile.

Regarding the main specifications, it is made of cast iron and enamel with natural pigments, as well as interior black enamel. It can be used in different heat sources, not counting the microwave and can be put in the dishwasher for easy washing.

Like the previous model, its closed cooking circuit makes everything delicious and perfect.

27 cm oval pot

Would you rather buy an oval pot? In that case, this model is one of the most popular.

Although we recommend the 27 cm model and in cherry color because it is one of the favorites, you will find it in other sizes and colors.

Like the previous casseroles, it is made of cast iron and enamel. It can also be used in traditional, glass-ceramic or induction cookers. And even put it in the dishwasher so that it looks great, ready to use without deteriorating.

As an oval pot for cooking, it’s great. And you will have a durable product.

28 cm spit with top hat

If we talk about popular cookware from the French brand Cocotte Staub, one of the top is this grill with a top hat. Just thinking about the different delicious dishes that you can prepare will surely be added to the cart in no time.

It is perfect for sautéing and simmering meat, fish or vegetables. Your dishes will always be ready.

In addition, it can be used in all types of cuisine. Even in the oven or barbecue.

One of the best grills you can buy and durable, for a lifetime. Signed by one of the best firms.

24 cm saucepan

One of the simplest saucepans and at the same time essential for your home, is this model.

With its size of 24 cm you will have more than enough to cook for yourself or more people. Up to 3.8 liters and 4.8 kg in weight.

One of the essentials from Cocotte Staub that you cannot miss in your kitchen.

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If you are looking at this Cocotte Staub, you most likely know what is its most historic rival: the Cocotte Le Creuset. Le Creuset, another historical French firm , is perhaps the best known worldwide for its Cocottes. The price is somewhat higher and they are quite similar. Which one do you prefer?


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