Typical dishes of Turkey: Top 9 of the best known

Turkish food is quite attractive, either because of the particular presentation of its dishes, or because the combination of its main ingredients is one of the healthiest as it includes materials from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. So, if you are interested in knowing the typical dishes of Turkey, continue reading …

Döner (Turkish burrito)

Also known as Kebad, which means “meat on the grill that turns”, it corresponds to the presentation of beef, sheep or chicken, which is cut into strips from a vertical spit on which it is cooked.

As you can see, I also indicated it as “burrito”, and it is that it resembles the popular dish of Mexican origin, however, it is far from those in which its preparation involves a round and flat bread, which is the one that is stuffed .

Its flavor is really irresistible, considering that it involves many vegetables and some spices and condiments that give it flavor, not to mention the sauce that is placed to give a good touch to the palate, based on yogurt and cream cheese, delicious !

Best of all, this is a meal that can be consumed at any time of the day with your favorite drink.

Kuzu Tandır (roast lamb)

This is one of the most coveted dishes in Turkish gourmet cuisine; It is a lamb that is cooked at high temperatures, well seasoned, with spices and oils, which at the end of its cooking detaches easily from the bone, leaving the meat quite juicy and delicate when chewing.

A curious fact is that this lamb owes its peculiar name to the place where it is cooked; It is prepared in an oven that is built on the ground, whose walls are covered with mud and embers are arranged for cooking.

This way of preparing lamb is one of the most traditional, and even today its cooking is styled in this way, surprising tourists with the delicious flavor that it manages to impregnate in the leg of the lamb.

Pilav (rice)

For your information, rice is the ideal companion in any dish of Turkish gastronomy, but in this case we are talking about the most emblematic preparation of Turkey, which has a peculiar mixture of rice and pasta (vermicelli, preferably), along with grains. of sprouted wheat.

If it is to the liking of cooks, it can be prepared together with chopped vegetables and some well-fried meats ; so that pilav is nothing more than the ideal rice base for any main dish, preferably to be served as lunch.

Köfte (beef meatballs)

Food that can be found on all the tables of the Turkish country, both in houses of great money, as in street food stalls. This is a meat located between the meatball and the hamburger.

These meat balls are prepared with flour, spices and seasonings, which is cooked over low heat. An interesting fact is that these are left al dente, that is, half raw, hence they retain their flavor with each bite. It can be served with vegetables and is part of the main meal.

Çiğ köfte (spicy meatballs)

This is originally from southern Turkey, and is prepared with medium-raw meat, to which black pepper is added , the latter allows the meat to have a reddish color while it is cooked over the oven fire.

The most interesting tip that you can find of these spicy meatballs is that they are prepared to the rhythm of the tunes of a baglama (string instrument of Egyptian origin), so it is a dish that can be created in the company of family and friends to enjoy the most emblematic of Turkish culture.

Manti (dumplings)

An appetizer that is ideal for an important evening; In itself it is a strong dish, since it consists of an egg dough that is prepared to design ravioli, which at the end are filled with seasoned meat and vegetables of all kinds.

They can be accompanied by tomato sauce, served alone or have a base of yogurt and cream or cheese; as well as it can also be accompanied by bread, and the most peculiar thing is that these are served in small portions on the plate so that they can be easily appreciated.

Pide (Turkish pizza)

This is nothing more than the name of the famous Turkish pizza, and it owes its name to the fact that it is prepared on a round and smooth bread on which a base of cheese, vegetables and lamb meat is placed .

Indeed, its preparation is very simple, and its cooking is extremely expeditious if it is done in the oven; However, what can attract your attention the most is the presentation, since they make Turkish pizza have the shape of a ship.


Considered by many Turks as another type of Turkish pizza, but this is characterized by being prepared on a round and rather thin bread, on which a tomato and vegetable base is placed .

Its preparation is much faster, and even deserves all the attention while cooking, since it can be easily snatched. Said by many chefs of Turkish origin: it is an ideal dish to serve as an aperitif.

A curious fact about it is that the bread is soaked in lemon juice, something that gives it a unique flavor compared to seasoned meat, this being a common dish on Turkish streets.

Menemen (scrambled eggs with vegetables)

Known many times as scrambled vegetables, which involves chopped eggs, sliced ​​or chunky tomatoes, and the other vegetables that you like to add. Its consumption is typical during breakfast in Turkish homes, although it is also one of the favorites to start a pleasant weekend.

Ideally, it should be served with black pepper to taste, which is the essence that gives it its characteristic spicy flavor.

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