Baby Food Robot

A baby food processor is a new type of robot that is very useful for those parents who begin to feed their babies with purees and introduce new foods into their diet. To choose the one that best suits what we need, there are a series of characteristics that we must take into account.

A kitchen robot for babies must, above all, generate a lot of trust in parents, so the choice, given the large number of robots on the market, is not going to be easy. But gathering adequate information on the characteristics that a baby kitchen robot must meet, we will surely make the best choice.

Baby food processor: what we need to know

A baby food processor is an appliance specialized in the first stages of feeding babies. They develop basic functions so that parents save time and also kitchen utensils. All these kitchen robots usually perform three or four basic functions: steaming, grinding food, heating   or sterilizing. Some have other more built-in functions, such as warming or shaking bottles and defrosting. All of   them make life easier for parents who must start feeding their babies with purees, thus starting their solid feeding to combine it with the bottles.

All the kitchen robots for babies that have been presented by the various brands, specialize in the smallest of the house, with a grinding according to the stages of feeding the babies, and a healthy steam cooking that maintains all the nutrients and vitamins from food. Among their main purchase advantages, it is worth mentioning that they save a lot of time in the kitchen, save the use of other utensils, the food comes out at its right cooking point, preserving all the vitamins and minerals, and with all the guarantees of hygiene and perfect taste. in its preparation. In short, they are very comfortable to use, and for parents, they provide a great dose of tranquility because the preparations will always be according to the feeding ages of the smallest in the house.

The foods that   can be prepared in a kitchen robot for babies are purees, porridges and creams, with ingredients of all kinds, which will be incorporated, according to the age of the babies: fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, rice or eggs, among others. Being able to mix and cook food in the same appliance ensures a reasonable saving of time, which is why these lines of kitchen robots are also very popular in the baby kitchen robot market.

Recapping, the advantages of buying or giving a baby kitchen robot, would be basically the following:

  • Easy to use
  • Save time and utensils in the kitchen
  • Variety in the different porridges and purees that can be prepared
  • Many robots come with a recipe book included, to make the most of the service they provide

The best food processor for babies

Taking into account that the prices of baby food machines are somewhat higher than those of normal kitchen machines, we have prepared a ranking of what we consider to be the best food machines for babies. For this, the main characteristics of each robot are considered, so that the choice is easier. We leave you with the Ranking of the robots of the best kitchen robot for babies on the market

To prepare this ranking, the most outstanding characteristics of each robot have been taken into account , which include the functions they perform, their capacity, power (if specified), and accessories, among other aspects.

Nutribaby food processor

This kitchen robot can be very interesting for families with more members, since it has a large capacity (2200 ml total, distributed in 1500 ml for cooking and 700 ml for the blender), which makes it possible to cook several servings for the baby, which can be frozen, or a first course for the family, and this is one of the strengths of this robot that must be taken into account. 


  • It has five functions: steam cooking, mixer, bottle warmer, sterilization and defrosting.
  • Its start-up and operation is very simple, since it has an LCD screen with a differentiated button for each function.
  • Its blender has 3 speeds, to beat softer, thicker purees, or with small pieces of food, adapting to the different stages of feeding the baby.
  • It has the ability to be able to blend and cook at the same time, thus saving time in the kitchen is multiplied by two.
  • It has a timer and an automatic stop, a very useful option so that each food can be cooked according to the cooking time it needs.
  • It has a receptacle for the cooking juice, which preserves all the vitamins and nutrients in the food, and which can be reused to hydrate purees or for a broth.
  • It has two separate baskets, to be able to steam foods of different hardness, and that need different cooking times.
  • It has the following accessories: two steam baskets, removable blade, mixer and a silicone spatula.
  • Another of the main advantages of this robot is that it has a very complete blog, and a customizable application to access special recipes for babies, with search engines for age ranges, a very useful option.

Zanmini Baby Food Processor

This robot has a differentiated power has a  heating power of 300W  and a stirring power of 130W. It is sufficient power for the functions of this processor, which is made  of BPA-free material . Its water tank capacity is 200ml  and it has a stirring capacity of 300ml. 


  • It has five functions: steaming, blending, sterilizing, blending, defrosting and heating. It has a timer function.
  • Its sterilization function is a fact to take into account because it can sterilize bottles and containers of purees and baby food, just by pressing the “disinfection” button.
  • You can mix baby bottles, and also food, manually or automatically.
  • Contains steam baskets with 600 ml and 400 ml capacities.
  • It has several safety systems: anti-burn handle on the steam baskets; The processor will start after the steam basket is blocked, when the stirring glass is closed, as well as the water tank, to avoid handling accidents.
  • One of its great advantages, also to take into account, is that it has a built-in automatic cleaning system. Your accessories do not need to be washed by hand, as by adding water to the shaker cup and pressing the “auto” cleaning button, you can clean the steam baskets and blades. The accessories are also dishwasher safe.
  • Its shaker cup contains precise measurements: 100 ml, 200 ml or 300 m.
  • It has low energy consumption, so you can save on the electricity bill.
  • It includes a recipe book, although the Spanish version is sent by e-mail. This point is very interesting, because the recipes are designed by age ranges: from 4 to 6 months; from 7 to 9 months and from 10 months.

KYG Robot

This robot has the basic functions that every baby needs in its early stages of feeding: steaming food and shredding. In addition, you can also defrost, and heat ready-made purees. It has a power of 300W for heating, and 1300W for shaking.


  • If there is no cooking water, the robot will switch off automatically to prevent the appliance from overheating.
  • Its safety measures are a feature to take into account, since the robot does not start to work if the water tank is not properly fitted, and when steaming, water vapor is released, but the tank does not splash, therefore accidents and burns in the kitchen are avoided.
  • Its accessories are dishwasher safe, except for the blades
  • It also has an anti-burn handle,   to be able to remove the steaming basket easily and safely.
  • To fill the water tank correctly and make the right servings, the jug contains a quantity dispenser.

Philips Avent food processor

This robot is backed by the confidence that the brand inspires in the consumer, since it is one of the most veteran firms, specialists in appliances of all kinds, including kitchen appliances. It has a minimum power of 400W, since it can perform two basic functions: steam cooking and grind food. 


  • Steam and puree. You can whisk leaving the puree with a homogeneous texture, or with small pieces of food, to adapt to the feeding stages of the babies.
  • It has a large capacity water tank
  • Has a built-in alarm that alerts you when food has finished its cooking time
  • Its top-down steam circulation technology makes it possible for food to cook evenly, but without reaching a boil.
  • The robot is easy to clean, and its accessories are dishwasher safe
  • It has an anti-lock system, which provides great security and will prevent accidents in the kitchen. The robot will not work if the glass is not correctly positioned and its lid is tightly closed.

Jané Mini Goumi Food Processor

It is one of the most recent robots on the market, endorsed by the veteran brand, with more than 75 years dedicated to the world of babies, especially in transport with strollers or travel chairs. Your food processor is very practical and versatile, and it has the two basic functions of any baby food processor: blending and steaming. Suitable for use in babies from 4 to 24 months


  • It is capable of heating at two powers, steaming, defrosting, and grinding at two speeds.
  • It has a jug with a capacity of 1.1 liter, so you can cook up to two servings at the same time.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that it contains a very useful and practical recipe book, since the ages are differentiated, to prepare different recipes according to the feeding stages of the babies: from 4 to 12 months, from 6 to 8 months, 8 to 12 months and more than 12 months (up to 24 months of age).
  • It has more accessories than the rest of the kitchen robots: rice cooker, flanera, key to unlock the blades easily, ergonomic silicone spatula and spice rack.
  • Its control panel has cooking time indicators.
  • It has two modes of grinding: slow and fast.
  • You can make puddings, risottos, sorbets and sufflés, with the accessories included in the robot.
  • You can heat and defrost ready-made purees.
  • As a safety measure, the cooking cycle will be interrupted if there is not enough water left in the tank, to prevent the appliance from overheating.
  • Its recipe book is by the Italian chef Mirko Carturán, and more sophisticated recipes are included, to give a more special touch to the recipes for babies.

What are the factors to take into account when choosing a baby food processor

Buying or giving a kitchen robot specialized in babies is not always an easy task. It is a market that is growing more and more, with a wide variety of brands and models, so it is convenient to look at some basic characteristics of robots for babies, and in this way make a better choice.

Capacity and power

Not only for adult robots, but for robots specialized in babies, these are two characteristics to take into account. In many cases, a baby food processor does not specify the power of the appliance, and this is information that is missing. However, it is important to point out that these types of robots will not need great power, since they perform very basic cooking functions, but it would be important to look at the power, if specified. The powers of the robots vary, although the average power is usually 300W. It is not much, but it is enough to carry out the tasks of processing and cooking food.

The capacity of the jug is also important. It is worth considering whether we are going to prepare a single serving, or perhaps more than one to have purees or porridges planned for more days of the week. If the jug has a built-in meter to know exact measurements based on the age of the babies, this is a good option to take into account. There are robots that have the right capacity to prepare one or at most   two servings in a single operation, and others that have a large capacity, you can even prepare a first course for the whole family in a single operation or make more servings of purees for the baby and to be able to keep them. Everything will depend on whether the parents prefer to make the recent food in the day for their baby, or prepare for several times and be able to freeze or store.

Manufacturing materials

It is important that kitchen machines, in general, are made with BPA-free materials, and you have to look closely at the product’s labeling, since it is mandatory that the labeling shows whether the products are BPA-free. In addition, nowadays all kitchen machines usually use BPA-free materials in their manufacture.

In addition, it is important to look at the durability of the materials, since if we are going to use it daily for a number of years, the high quality of the materials is another element to take into account.

Functions it performs

Before buying a robot, we must make sure what its functions are and know what use we are going to give it. Crushing with various textures and various speeds, steaming, heating, reheating, sterilizing, shaking bottles or defrosting are the functions carried out by this type of robot. There are some that are basic and common to all, and others that are exclusive to some robots. We must assess what we are really going to need our new robot to do.

Ease of use and cleaning

Perhaps one of the reasons many parents turn to buying a baby food processor is to save time in the kitchen. When it comes to buying a baby food processor, we must see if it is easy to use. A robot with simple controls and intuitive buttons will always be the best purchase option, and in this sense, all robots comply, and their use is not complicated at all.

On the other hand, we must ensure that we are not going to spend excessive time cleaning the robot. It is important that we can clean your accessories easily and that we do not spend too much time doing it. Especially if we are going to use the robot on a daily basis. The ease of cleaning a baby food processor is perhaps one of the most important elements to consider.

Included Accessories

In most cases, baby food machines are very basic, and include the jug, which acts as a mixer and can cook at the same time (some include one or two cooking baskets) and the water container. There are other robots that contain more accessories, such as spatulas to manipulate the purees, or containers to store, or some other elements such as the flanera or the rice cooker. We must try to limit what we are really going to use in the day-to-day feeding of babies, and not buy a robot that brings accessories that we are not really going to use.

Conclusion, what do users who have already bought any of these brands of robots for babies think?

Parents who have already purchased one of these baby food machines are fully satisfied with their choice and with their purchase. In most cases, they get the most out of it and save a lot of time and effort in the kitchen. Since a baby, in its growth stages, needs the full attention of its parents, having a kitchen robot that does heavy and repetitive tasks is an excellent purchase or gift option, especially for first-time parents.

For many parents, the resistance of the materials is very important, since they give a daily use to the robots, and the durability over time is an important factor when making the purchase. Due to the technical characteristics of the analyzed robots, it is very important to point out that they are all made with high-quality material, BPA-free, to guarantee the safety of feeding babies.

In addition, many parents base their confidence that the food is going to be just cooked, so that it does not lose its   essential nutrients and vitamins, something that may be difficult to achieve with cooking that uses traditional methods, and also , takes away extra time that can be dedicated to the baby. Therefore, comfort and ease of use, as well as saving time are the three most important factors that users usually take into account when purchasing a baby food processor.

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