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The ChefBot Compact Steampro Kitchen Robot is not just any robot. It has been developed by a Spanish company and launched as a direct missile into the high ranges at a knockdown price and therefore, among other things, it is a true best seller. It is a multifunction robot with high cooking technology, practical, functional and fast, with 23 kitchen functions. It is a very complete robot, which can develop a large number of types of cooking and food processing, which makes it a true kitchen assistant.

Its manufacturer, the Spanish firm Ikohs, has launched this excellent product to compete directly with its most direct rivals, the Mambo family of Cecotec. Both brands share many similarities and this Chefbot model has become an absolute bestseller. Why? Let’s see it!

First, we leave you with a short video where the acclaimed Chef Samantha Vallejo-Nágera explains all the virtues of this Chefbot Kitchen Robot, within a video!

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