Typical dishes of France: top 5 of its best meals / desserts

Let’s talk a little about the typical dishes of France, a country rich in culture and heritage, the one that has some of the most visited states around the world, such as the city ​​of love (Paris), or the incredible commercial and industrial city (Strasbourg). Every detail that this great country has, characterizes and identifies it among others, because its essence is to be an exquisite place with a lot of class.

One of the points that stand out the most in France are its magnificent dishes, which is that they are not only known in that country, but worldwide, being one of the richest foods recommended by lovers of good taste.

Many people believe that France is only cheese with a baguette accompanied by a glass of wine, but in reality this is 100% lack of information, because here there is a great variety of dishes, and the most typical ones are usually prepared with cheese, tomatoes, meat. pork, sausage and fine herbs ; everything being prepared with the utmost caution and love that so overwhelms its people. In fact, in this article you will know those of the most typical dishes of France, in case you want to travel or enjoy yourself in any other part of the world.

quiche Lorraine

This dish is more famous in the Alsace region, as it is the typical dish eaten in that place. It is a salty cake with a lot of flavor. The quiche lorraine has stood out so much that there is not only one type of this, but several, which have the very essence of the traditional one, which is prepared with shortcrust pastry and cream de lecho sauce as the main ingredients; otherwise it contains eggs, nutmeg and peppers mostly to flavor the dish; in fact, there are many people who add bacon to complement the good taste.

Currently, this food has bacon, cheese or any type of vegetables, which adds a great flavor.


Raclette is one of the best known names in France, because it speaks of the wonderful dish that has as an essential ingredient: a cow’s milk cheese. This cheese is made in some regions of the country, such as Brittany, Franche-Comté, Auvergne and Savoy.

This product is eaten with baked potatoes or any other sausage. Cheese is used as the perfect dressing or filling, ideal to enjoy long afternoons in the company of friends and family.

The soupe à l’oignons

Also known as onion soup. We well know that onion is better known for dressing than for main ingredient, however, in this dish it is the one that reigns and dazzles in the mouths of each person.

It is known to have been in existence for many years. Some believe that it arose in the French Revolution, and others say that it came from the nineteenth century. What is certain is the origin of the ingredients, since at the time it was born, there were very few resources available, and the simplest to cook were onion, bread, and a meat broth. Now, what before seemed to be nothing, is everything, since everyone is dying to give this soup a taste, and it is prepared by cooking the onions with a little butter or even oil; later it is served in the most delicious bread that exists and cheese on top, to later be all gratin.


Who does not know mashed potatoes ? Well, in France there is a well-known dish that largely resembles mashed potatoes; the big difference is that it is much thicker, and it also comes combined with tomme fraîche cheese.

This dish originated in the Aubrac massif, and is now one of the most sought after not only in France, but also throughout the world, in fact, in other regions you can change the cheese that is used, for example, cantal or the laguiole.

The word “algiot” means “something”, and it has a very strong power for the past, since it used to be distributed to the most needy people, so that they could feed themselves and also warm up.

Coq Au Vin

It is a very well-known food in western France. If we talk about exquisiteness and elegance, we think of Coq Au Vin, a finely prepared chicken with wine for lovers of good flavors, and in this country, that is what is most abundant.

It is prepared with any piece of chicken, the one that you like the most, you place them in a casserole and add vegetables, mostly turnips and onion, and therefore it is sewn together with a generous amount of red wine, which gives it a sweet and refreshing taste.

Those who have not tried even a bit of chicken with wine, do not really know the good, so if you ever go to France or find yourself in a restaurant whose menu contains this dish, do not hesitate to ask for it and enjoy the tastes of this beautiful country.

Le Gratin Dauphinois

This name means ” potatoes gratin “, and it is one of the best dishes seen in tourism, as its flavor fills the entire palate, leaving perfection as a reflection of the eyes.

This dish originated in the Dolphins, specifically in the French Alps, and it brings with it a very exclusive story, since it was created by a very famous duke in 1788. The idea of ​​this man was to get the attention of the whole public, surprising them with a fantastic meal, which he really achieved, since to this day it is still one of the best dishes in the world.

This recipe is prepared as follows: the potatoes are cut into very thin slices; Later , the potatoes are au gratin with cream and milk, or in some cases a very good mixture is made with these two products. The special ingredient in this recipe is cheese, which gives it an exquisite salty. In addition, mushrooms are also added and voila, to eat.


Finally, I will tell you about a dessert that everyone loves, and not only the French, but also most of the human population; I am referring to the famous crepes, a dessert that originated in France, but has crossed many borders over time.

The best known contain chocolates, strawberries, blackberries, honey, cinnamon, icing sugar and other ingredients that have a great flavor.

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