Typical dishes of Cantabria

The typical dishes of Cantabria are characterized by their variety of ingredients, among which fish and shellfish stand out. You can also find very popular foods based on vegetables and legumes. In fact, many are considered typical dishes of Spain.

The gastronomy of Cantabria and its typical dishes

The typical food of Cantabria is characterized by incorporating fish and shellfish from the Cantabrian Sea. Therefore it is common to find typical dishes that are made with plywood and salmon.

In this gastronomy of Cantabria, seafood is usually the main ingredient. We highlight, for example, mussels, lobsters, clams, barnacles and spider crabs. In addition, squid are also very popular as they are the main ingredient in squid.

As for fish, traditional dishes are prepared with hake, sea bass, sandwiches and scorpions. However, there are not only typical dishes with fish and seafood. They also prepare meals that include venison, roe deer, and even wild boar.

Get to know the most popular typical dishes of Cantabria

Now that you know a little about the gastronomy of Cantabria. It is time to introduce you to the most popular typical foods of Cantabria. Surely one of these dishes you will want to include in your recipe book and surprise your friends.

5 typical dishes of Cantabria that you must try


Whenever you ask yourself, What to eat in Cantabria ?, squid should be your first choice. It is one of the most popular and delicious typical foods of Cantabria. It is a typical dish that consists of fried squid strips, which are cut lengthwise.

For its preparation you only need medium squid, milk, a little salt, as well as chickpea flour. Squid should be clean and open through the tube to facilitate cutting into strips.

Then the squid are placed in a deep bowl and covered with salt and milk. Then they are left to rest in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours. Finally the squid are floured and fried in olive oil.

Mountain stew

It is another of the typical dishes of Cantabria that we recommend you try. It is also a traditional Cantabrian food that has a lot of history. For its preparation you need ribs, bacon, chorizo ​​and blood sausage, as well as other ingredients.

In fact, one of the base ingredients of Montañés stew are beans, which by the way are also used in various typical dishes of Salamanca. In its preparation it is essential that the beans are soaked one night before.

The vegetables that this dish incorporates are cut and placed in a pressure cooker along with the beans. Then the bacon and chorizo ​​are added. As everything begins to boil, the foam is removed.

Then a little salt is added and it is simmered for two hours. Then the potatoes are incorporated into pieces and both the marinated rib and the black pudding of the year are added.

It should be mentioned that it is not a simple dish to prepare. It requires a lot of dedication and patience to achieve its characteristic flavor.

Clams a la marinera

It is recognized as one of the most traditional typical foods of Cantabria. Its preparation requires at least 1 kg of clams, in addition to garlic, parsley, chilli, white wine, olive oil and lemon juice.

Clams should be soaked an hour before with plenty of water and salt. The goal of this is to make the clams release all the sand they may still have. Then you have to wash the clams and place them in a pan with half a glass of cold water.

The clams are cooked over a high heat. As they are opened they are placed in a clay pot. Then the cooking water is strained and set aside. The chopped onion and garlic are then fried in olive oil.

When it reaches a golden hue, breadcrumbs are added and then the water from the cooking of the clams is added. Here the white wine is incorporated, along with the chilli and lemon juice.

To finish, they are only allowed to boil and then the sauce is added over the clams. The stew is simmered for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Lebaniego stew

The Lebaniego stew is similar to one of the typical dishes of Toledo, the three-turn stew. This is because in this Cantabrian stew meat, vegetables, as well as pickles are also used.

In its preparation, chickpeas from Liébana, lame meat, as well as homemade chorizo, beef jerky and streaky chorizo ​​are used. Cured ham, cabbage, eggs, potatoes and breadcrumbs are also required.

Its preparation does not involve much complication. You simply have to soak the chickpeas from the night before. Afterwards, the meat, the jerky, the bacon, the chorizo ​​and the ham are put in a saucepan over low heat.

When it begins to boil, add the chickpeas and cook over low heat. Before finishing cooking, add the cabbage, in addition to the chopped potatoes. Then you have to strain the broth and prepare a noodle soup.

In the filling you need to beat the eggs and add the minced garlic and parsley. Then the bread crumbs with milk are incorporated. Everything is kneaded to form rolls that are placed in a pan with oil until golden brown.

Finally they are added to the stew broth and left there for 15 minutes.


To finish, this is a traditional Cantabrian dish. It is also known as Marmita de bonito. To prepare it you need ingredients such as potatoes, onion, Italian green pepper, as well as loaf bread and bonito.

You also need parsley, fish broth, and tomato sauce. The onion is chopped brunoise and poached over low heat. Then the onion is removed from the heat and drained to remove the oil.

The peppers are chopped into pieces, while the potatoes into irregular pieces. All this is fried and the onion is added. Then the fish stock is incorporated and everything is cooked over low heat.

Once the potatoes are cooked, the bonito is added, as well as a few slices of white bread.

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