One House Skillet

The Uno Casa Skillet has been in high demand and highly rated. It is a set of 2 pans that are characterized by being pre-seasoned and ready to fry, make cakes, pizzas, prepare rooms. Even cook bread and eggs. Both pans are made of cast iron and can be used in all types of cookers.

Obviously we are facing a couple of high quality pans. With excellent features, and also a sober but elegant design. In fact, many of the characteristics that we see individually in other iron pans. We have them all gathered in the One House Skillet.

From the ergonomic handles, to a handle attached to the end of each pan. All these are exclusive details that give the pans greater functionality and that are undoubtedly very useful.

Let’s see below what other highlights the Uno Casa pans offer us.

Materials Skillet Uno Casa

We will begin by analyzing the materials in the One House Skillet. Let’s not forget that this aspect is one of the key factors in choosing a frying pan. Beyond that in the market you find cheap pans. That does not mean they are of poor quality, as long as they are made of strong and durable materials.

In the case of Uno Casa pans, cast iron is the primary material used in their manufacture. Unlike other pans in which the handles are made of a different material, such as Bakelite. The handles of the Uno Casa Skillet are also made of cast iron. In fact, it’s fair to say that these are one-piece pans.

Molten iron

One of the main advantages of cast iron pans is that they can last for generations if properly cared for. These types of pans are ideal for frying and baking food to perfection. In addition, when properly seasoned, they are excellent for cooking with nonstick on the fire, and for baking in the oven.

The reason why cast iron has been chosen is because this material is highly resistant. Not only that, once cast iron is heated it will stay hot for a long time. That is why these types of pans are perfect for browning meat.

Of course they are adequate pans to keep food warm. This is because cast iron has the ability to retain heat for a considerable period of time.

And that’s not all, every time you cook in a cast iron Uno Casa Skillet. You continually improve them by seasoning them. Also, during the cooking process, food absorbs a small amount of iron.

The fact that cast iron heats up quickly means you don’t have to spend as much time cooking your food. Of course, because this metal stays hot, your food is always at the ideal temperature when it is served.

Nonstick Skillet One House

One of the main differences of iron pans, with respect to titanium pans, for example. Cast iron pans don’t actually have any special non-stick coating.

For many this could be a disadvantage. Especially since the least you want is to have to spend several minutes trying to remove the remains of food from the pans. However, one of the properties of cast iron is its non-stick power.

That is, if you use them correctly, the cast iron surface of the pans is perfectly non-stick. You will realize that even if there may be a few remains of food. You can easily clean them and continue to use the pans without worrying about food sticking.

Additional characteristics

As mentioned at the beginning, the Uno Casa Frying Pan has many of the characteristics that other pans incorporate individually. These pans, in addition to having ergonomic handles, also have a handle at one end. In addition, each one has two spouts on its sides.

Regarding its size, the largest pan has a diameter of 30 cm. For its part, the smallest frying pan has a diameter of 25 cm. Other additional features to highlight include:

  • Two silicone covers to protect your hands when holding the pans.
  • A pair of scrapers are also included so you can clean the pans more easily.
  • Not only that, a free recipe book is included.
  • The pans are compatible with all cookers, from stove, oven and gas, to induction and fire.

Advantages One House Skillet

  • They are pans made of pre-seasoned cast iron.
  • The heat distribution is uniform over the entire surface of the pans.
  • Cast iron has the ability to hold heat for longer.
  • Therefore, the food not only cooks more evenly, but it also stays warm until it is time to serve it.
  • Uno Casa cast iron pans are easy to clean, thanks to the fact that they have a natural non-stick that prevents food from sticking.
  • In addition, the pans do not contain any type of chemical substance, so they are safe for health.
  • In fact, every time food is cooked, a small extra amount of iron is added.

Maybe you are interested

As you may have noticed, the Uno Casa Skillet has all the qualities of a quality skillet. Made of cast iron, the pans are strong, durable and naturally non-stick.

Despite the above, they may not be what you need. If this is the case, you may want to take a look at the Bra Prior pans , made of aluminum and with a Teflon Classic non-stick coating.

The first thing to note is that it is a set of 3 pans, instead of just 2. They are made of cast aluminum, which in addition to being resistant, is much lighter than iron.

They also feature a uniform heat diffuser bottom for maximum efficiency. For its part, the non-stick does not contain pfoa and is composed of three layers. The ergonomic handles are stackable and the pans can be used in all types of kitchens.

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