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We are facing the one that, from this blog, we undoubtedly believe that it is the best Express Pot quality / price ratio that you can buy: the WMF Perfect Plus. And it is that talking about WMF is talking about the first manufacturers of express cookers in history, since 1927 !

If anyone knows how to make a pressure cooker, those are from WMF. It is a German brand , which will soon celebrate 100 years since its first pressure cooker left its factory in Germany. And it is now, one hundred years later, that this WMF Perfect Plus is still manufactured in the German country. Is there a better guarantee?

As always, we start with a  short video  in which you can see the main features of the Express WMF Perfect Plus Pot



It is made of 18/10 stainless steel, the highest possible quality. The Perfect Plus Pot is indestructible, it does not scratch, it does not bulge… It also comes with a stainless steel lid with a handle / knob with various functions.

From its control, we can block the lid so that it cannot be opened in any case (in case there are children), the progressive pressure output can be selected if we are in a hurry … We can also see with its three rings the pressure that is inside of our Pot. And that is, really, super practical.

One-click removable handle, can be cleaned VERY easily under the tap

Two-stage pressure regulation

It can be cooked with two levels of pressure, with the orange ring and the red ring. The first orange ring is used for vegetables, fish and small foods. The red ring is used for large pieces of meat. And best of all, we have not seen an express cooker as fast as this WMF Perfect Plus. We have tested it with dozens of recipes, and the one that took the longest did not last 10 minutes. On average, between 7 and 9 minutes, you will have your recipe ready.

Detail of the pressure cooker lock. With it up, it is not possible to open it in any case

Main features

  • Made of 18/10 stainless steel
  • It includes a set of a 6,5-inch diameter 22-centimeter pot and a 3-liter pot.
  • Two levels of pressure and cooking (110º C and 119º C)
  • Suitable for induction cookers
  • Possibility of rapid depressurization controlled with the command.

Security measures

We are very concerned about safety, which is why we believe that this WMF Perfect Plus is the best on the market. Although all Express Pots meet the safety standards required by the European Union, it gives us an added security. The fact that they have been manufacturing express cookers for almost ONE HUNDRED years makes them the highest authority on the matter.

The stainless steel lid is very resistant. Includes a valve at its end

It has an internal valve that regulates the pressure. It also has an emergency valve in case the first fails (which is already rare). And if everything goes wrong, we are authentic Kaffirs and we fill the pot with stones to the top, cover with water until it overflows, plug the valves with silicone and put on maximum heat … What will happen? Well, this WMF Perfect Plus has a small notch on the back covered by the rubber of the lid; If the pressure exceeds the maximum, it will bend around to relieve pressure. No scares. Isn’t it perfect?

Detail of the 6.5 liter pressure cooker


To cook we must put it on maximum heat for the first 5-6 minutes until it reaches pressure; Then it will be enough to lower it to the minimum to keep it. Its WMF patented TransTherm base achieves the maximum temperature in insanely short times. If we forget the pot over high heat, an intense acoustic warning will remind us to lower the heat.

TransTherm base, detail of manufacture in Germany

Of course, these WMF Perfect Plus Pots are compatible with all types of cookers, whether electric, gas, glass-ceramic or induction. They are a true all-rounder.

The best? It is absurdly easy to clean ! With a click you separate the control from the lid, put it under the tap and that’s it. The lid and pot can be put in the dishwasher or given a water under the sink. It has no edges or corners where dirt can hide.

Another great advantage of the WMF Perfect Plus express cookers is the amount of spare parts that are available on the market. In any neighborhood hardware store, department store or online stores we will find literally everything. Rubbers, gaskets, valves, controls, lids … That is, you invest in an express pot, but if something fails you in five years, for very few euros you have the replacement.

Its interior is marked so that you can adjust the quantities perfectly

WMF – Manufacturing in Germany 1927

The best offer there is is the WMF Perfect Plus set that includes a 6.5-liter pot and a 3-liter pot , as well as the lid, the knob and utensils for steaming. With the 3 liter you can cook for yourself in 8 minutes. Using the 6.5 you can prepare a meal for 4 days or for a family of several members.

Cooking with an express pot like this one, you will save time, you will save money and your health will thank you. In our blog we analyze these three advantages of express cookers! [ SEE BLOG ]

As we said at the beginning, this WMF Perfect Plus seems like the best investment you can make; It is one of the fastest, the safest and the most reliable … And the best thing is that, after spending this money, you will be able to keep it in perfect condition for 20 years. The number of spare parts sold individually guarantees that they last forever.



  • First of all, the excellent quality of the stainless steel that WMF uses and that we have talked about so many times.
  • It is really easy to clean as you can remove the lid handle with a click.
  • It is one of the most sold and reviewed Express Pots, that is why it is easy to find hundreds of positive reviews on websites.
  • It is a purchase that is made only once, that is why WMF has a very extensive spare parts catalog so that if one day a rubber or part of the pot deteriorates, you can replace it without changing the Express Pot.


  • Its price is higher than the express pots of more general brands.

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