Why buy an Express Pot?

At some time, while we cook, we have all despaired of waiting … And at that moment we asked ourselves if it is worth buying a pressure cooker or buying a casserole. But beware! That what an Express Pot gives us is not just time. If you need to convince yourself … Keep reading:


Yes, and this is essential. A recipe made in a conventional casserole, we must leave it much longer on the plate working. How long? Well, on average, four or five times more, and more power.

This means that cooking with an Express Pot, you will save nothing more and nothing less than around 70% of energy. And at the price of electricity that’s a lot of money ! To give you an example: A meat stew with vegetables; In a conventional casserole, about 40-50 minutes over medium heat. In an Express Pot, 9 minutes!

It is true that there are faster and less fast Pots. Specifically, the 9 minutes are what the impressive WMF Perfect Plus takes, to which we have given a thousand battles and it is still like new. (HERE the analysis we made of this Express Pot)

How long does it take to boil three large potatoes? An Express Pot does it in 8 minutes. Do you know how much money that is throughout the month? Much;) That’s why… buy Express pot or buy traditional casserole: that’s the question!

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When you prepare a traditional recipe over low heat, especially with vegetables, they are cooked by the heat generated by the boiling of the water. Much of the nutrients in food are destroyed by the cooking method. Thus, cooked by boiling in conventional casseroles, we conserve between 40% and 75% of nutrients. In the Express Pot they are preserved between 90% and 95% !!

Why is this happening? Longer cooking times destroy nutrients as well as high temperatures. Conventional cooking uses high temperatures for a long period of time, while, although it may not seem like it, the temperature inside the pressure cooker is usually always lower. It cooks faster due to the efficiency of the pressure generated inside. This high pressure means that with a lower temperature, the food is cooked earlier.

There is another way of cooking that preserves the nutrients around 90%, and it is steamed. Luckily, when you buy Express pot, you also buy a steamer ! Many models have it already incorporated. In this way, you can put your vegetables and a fish fillet in the steamer, wait 8 minutes and have a healthy and delicious dinner!

Plus, being exclusively stainless steel, you can completely forget about the controversial toxic compounds PFOAS.

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Yes, and this is what everyone knows and values. Why wait an hour for your lentils when you can wait 9 minutes ? Some may say that the taste is different; And I would encourage them to do a “blind tasting.” I assure you that the vast majority are incapable of knowing the cooking method. La Olla Express is not that it is faster, it is that it is more efficient. In addition, due to its stainless steel construction you can use it in all types of kitchens: including induction cookers !

In short, if your question is why buy an Express Pot, we clarify it: for savings, for health and for time. Many years ago they were expensive products, but today there are countless brands and models. On this website we analyze the most interesting ones and we show you the prices of the best sellers.

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