Cecotec: Opinions and Analysis of your kitchen products

In a short time, this young company has become the undisputed leader in the production of small household appliances. What is the secret? the application of new technologies throughout its Cecotec Cocina range. The cooking recipes come out more than good, perfect and very professional. Cecotec stands out for the versatility of all its kitchen machines, and above all, for its excellent value for money.

The Cecotec brand has grown over time, incorporating new kitchen robots, slow cookers and cecotec oil-free fryers. In addition, for the same type of robot, it produces new, more technological and updated models, always seeking innovation and ease of use to cook the best preparations at the touch of a button. Let’s see which are the star products of the Cecotec Cocina range

Cecotec Kitchen Range: Kitchen Robots

If you are looking for innovation, technology designed to make life easier for you in the kitchen, and always adjusted prices with excellent features, Cecotec is a brand to consider. These are your best kitchen robots.

Cecotec Mambo 10090

It is undoubtedly the most advanced robot in the Mambo Range, and one of the most advanced on the market. This Cecotec Mambo 10090 is capable of cooking and processing food, thanks to its no less than 30 functions: chops, chops, grinds, sautées, grinds, mounts, steamed, poached …

Its functions are so complete that it can process and cook all kinds of food. Its differential factor is that it includes App connectivity and a ceramic Havana Jar. It includes, of course, a high precision scale, so as not to make mistakes and always select the exact measure, and thanks to its boiling basket, we can make up to 4 recipes at the same time.

One of its many functions is the Slow Mambo Movement, which allows cooking at a low temperature and slowly, while the MamboMix spoon constantly stirres the stew. In this way, the much appreciated “Slow Cooking” is achieved, with the intense and traditional flavors of traditional preparations.

The great bet of this new model is its stainless steel jug, covered with ceramic, which ensures a complete and effective anti-adherence of food.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 10090


Cecotec Mambo 10070

The Cecotec Mambo 10070 Kitchen Robot also has 30 complete cooking and food processing functions, and timer functions of up to 12 hours. It also incorporates a high precision scale to cook with the exact measure of ingredients. It has similar functions to the 10090, such as the Slow Mambo movement or the MamboMix spoon. The main difference with this one is that the 10070 does not include the ceramic jug, but instead brings the standard stainless steel one. In our opinion, more than enough for the vast majority of users.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 10070


Cecotec Mambo 9590

The Cecotec Mambo 9590 Kitchen Robot is a version similar to the previous ones, but with a difference. It has the same cooking characteristics, temperature modes, accessories … With one caveat. It does not have App connectivity. However, it does bring a second ceramic Habana jug. It is the perfect choice for those who want to prepare delicate dishes and do not pay much attention to connectivity. Of course, it also includes a boiling basket, so you can cook up to 4 dishes at the same time.


See here the updated price of the Mambo 9590


Cecotec Mambo: the most innovative line of the Cecotec brand

The differences in price of these kitchen machines are by no means excessive. This model is very similar in performance, except that the most advanced, Cecotec Mambo 9090, has a more resistant stainless steel jug coated with ceramic, to ensure non-sticking of food.

All models include very useful accessories for cooking and food processing. Highlights its exclusive MamboMix spoon for stirring and kneading, its butterfly with silicone reinforcement, its steel blades, and the silicone-coated spatula to ensure greater resistance.

The accessories for all models are perfectly dishwasher safe, and best of all! can process and cook, and have direct access to the Cecotec user community, for exchanging recipes. And all models have an unbeatable price, whatever our choice.

GM pots

If we want to do without food processing, and what we are most interested in is preparing tasty and balanced recipes, then there is no better choice than one of the GM pots in the Cecotec range

All Cecotec pots are programmable 24 hours, can cook under pressure, have multiple cooking programs and have safety systems for a risk-free handling in the kitchen, especially suitable for cookers who are afraid of pressure cookers!

As in the Mambo line, the Cecotec pots have several versions, so that we choose the one that best suits our needs in the kitchen. Here they go.

GM Model D pot

It is the most basic of the range, but it does not for that reason renounce sophistication and versatility. It has a voice-guided cooking system, it can be programmed up to 4 hours, and it has two cooking programs with two different pressures. It has 11 cooking shows. It also has a memory system to store our favorite dishes, and no less than 12 security systems, to pressure cook the usual stews without any risk in the kitchen


See here the updated price of the GM Model D Pot


GM Pot Model H

This more advanced model has 19 cooking programs and can prepare all kinds of dishes, especially stews, but also desserts, rice and pasta. It has 11 adjustable temperatures up to 200ºC and also 5 adjustable pressures, to be able to cook in a faster way. Its control panel is ergonomic and intuitive, with an LCD screen where you can see how the cooking process of our recipe is going.


See here the updated price of the GM Model H Cooker


GM Pot Model G 10L

This is the most suitable Cecotec pot for making large portions, thanks to its 10-liter capacity bucket. It is capable of cooking, with or without pressure, up to 20 menus in a single operation. In addition, it is programmable 24 hours, and also has 19 cooking programs, with functions such as turbo cooking, frying, griddle and oven, as well as stews and stews, the specialty of any GM pot. With this pot, we can also choose the heating and reheating functions.

One of the main bets of this GM Cecotec pot model is its intelligent GMCore system, capable of adapting cooking to the amount of food we introduce, so we will never be wrong and our dishes will come out at their exact doneness.

All Cecotec GM Model Pots have common accessories, such as the frying basket and the oven tray, and others that can be purchased as an option, for the H.


See here the updated price of the GM Pot Model G 10L


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