Kitchen Robot Black Friday 2020

After a long wait, the day has come! And like many of us, you too were waiting for this day because you know that to buy a Kitchen Robot Black Friday is the best day of the year. As the offers today appear without warning, they throw prices and they sell out very quickly, during this day we will be constantly updating this page to show you the best offers minute by minute.

So without further ado, we are going to present you the ones that (after many, many hours) we consider the best in each category: The absolute best, the best quality / price ratio and the best economic one, let’s do it faster than the offers these days! they fly!

The best Kitchen Robot Black Friday 2020

As we always do, we leave you first with a brief comparative table with the best model in each category. If you want to continue reading, then you will find more information about each one, including a link to the detailed analysis we did of each model, don’t miss the information! To the mess!

N.1 – Taurus MyCook Touch

What can we tell you about MyCook Touch that we haven’t already said? It is a true work of engineering that was born to compete with the well-known ThermoMix and far exceeded expectations. Since its release on the market, it has shot like a missile to the top of the best rated by its users, with more functions and an outstanding build quality that will not weigh down the years at all.

The Taurus MyCook Touch is the evolution of the MyCook family that the firm specializing in household appliances launched a few years ago. The Touch finish is therefore the evolution of evolution. To all the good things that the MyCook family had, with its 10 speeds, induction cooking, advanced functions, programmable pot … now a huge touch screen is added to make preparing a recipe extremely easy. You will simply have to follow the steps indicated on the screen: simple, highly visual and intuitive instructions. Then close the glass and press the button: «do your magic».

In our opinion, Taurus with this MyCook Touch is the king of kitchen robots, to the point that Thermomix is ​​already looking askance at it, aware that it achieves outstanding results and enviable customer satisfaction. It has a high price, but not expensive. But if you find it on sale, it is the best purchase you can make and one that you will undoubtedly make profitable in the next ten or fifteen years.

N.2 – Cecotec Mambo 8090

The Valencian firm is becoming a benchmark in the small appliance. Since its release to the market, we have been impressed with its ability to develop very high quality products at a very, very low price. And this Mambo Black Kitchen robot gives a good example of it.

Outwardly we can say that it is a Kitchen Robot that (functions aside), will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Its aesthetics are really careful and the quality of its materials is excellent. But what matters most, its functions, are the spearhead of this Mambo 8090.

The 8090 is the third in the list of four models. Cecotec has numbers 6090, 7090, 8090 and 9090. We believe that the most balanced and with the best quality / price ratio is undoubtedly this 8090 for several reasons, but mainly because it is the most complete without skyrocketing in price. With a very contained price, it includes a basket for steaming, it can be put in the dishwasher without fear and, most importantly, it incorporates an integrated scale to weigh each ingredient that you add to the recipe. Really, more balanced impossible!

Its 3.3-liter glass is higher than the average in the sector, which allows us to cook for 4-6 people comfortably in each recipe, we can even have left over to freeze. It has ten adjustable temperatures, a digital display to guide the recipe in a very simple way, keep warm function, delayed programming up to 12 hours so that your recipe is ready as soon as you get home … Come on, Cecotec has not skimped on nothing to launch this Mambo 8090 to the top of sales. And what if they have!

N.3 – Moulinex Cuisine Companion

Who does not know the French firm Moulinex? Moulinex’s best cover letter is the forty years of experience and good work that it has behind it. Quality appliances that have prepared meals for all of us since we were babies. And to this day, it continues to develop extraordinary products and incorporate the latest developments in the food industry into its range of technologies

This Moulinex Cuisine Companion is the maximum exponent of it. Its largest window, which is obvious, is the huge 4.5-liter glass that makes it ideal for large families (or for couples who eat very well or who like to freeze portions). With a glass of these dimensions you can cook whatever you want and you will easily get 6 or 8 servings.

Its wide range of temperatures from 30 to 130ºC allows you to melt a chocolate to make a dessert to prepare a chickpea stew for eight people. It is really practical, robust and best of all, already tested by thousands of people who show their satisfaction in each comment. If you want more information, we leave you the link with the full article.

The best offers on Kitchen Robot TODAY, MINUTE BY MINUTE!

We leave you a list of the best offers today, updated throughout the day. These offers fly!

Kitchen Robot on Black Friday, now or never!

Kitchen Robots are the revolution of the 21st century. Even the kitchens of the best chefs use them as a support for sauces, chopped, kneading, slow cooking … They are tremendously practical and once you have it in your kitchen you will wonder how you endured so many years without it. But they have a big drawback: their price. They usually cost between € 300 and € 1,000, depending on the functions, power and capacity, so they are not within the reach of all pockets. Luckily, there is a day (or a week) a year in which we can save 20%, 30% … or up to 50% (which can mean up to € 500 in savings). To buy a Kitchen Robot Black Friday is undoubtedly the best date of the year.

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