Cecotec oil-free fryer

In many people’s lives, a voracious internal struggle is waged on a daily basis. In it, they face the desire to lead a healthy life against the desire to enjoy foods that would make their diets a disaster. And is that oil is a fundamental ingredient in some recipes, but it is full of calories. Luckily for foodies, it is now possible to continue enjoying these meals but in a healthier version with a Cecotec oil-free fryer .

Best Cecotec oil-free fryers

Cecotec is a company specialized in everything that has to do with household appliances. Already in its beginnings it stood out for innovation, quality and continuous improvement. From there, the best Cecoetc oil-free fryers have emerged that we analyze here today:

Cecotec Cecofry 4D oil-free fryer

The Cecotec Cecofry 4D oil-free fryer, with its modern and disruptive design, will become your greatest ally, both in the kitchen and in your health. Its versatility, ease of use, and outstanding value for money have earned it hundreds of positive reviews. Do you want to know its characteristics?

The Cecofry 4D diet fryer has a 1350W power motor that performs at its best when working with any of its 8 automatic programs : sauté, toast, chips, oven, manual, frying pan, rice and yogurt.

Its inner bucket is large, 3L, which translates into the following external measurements: 31 x 39 (47 cm with the handle) x 23 cm and a weight of 5.25Kg. Its interior is lined with stone, making cleaning very easy. All this allows you to cook up to 1.5Kg of potatoes at the same time.

We could go so far as to affirm without fear of confusion that this is the most versatile oil-free fryer that you can buy today. Not only because of its 8 automatic programs, but because with its double height system, you can cook two dishes at the same time.

Among the things you will get if you buy this offer you will find an accessory for pizzas, one for croquettes and a cookbook with normal recipes and video recipes, reaching almost 50 recipes.

Its main advantages highlighted by users refer to how easy it is to clean, the good results it generates and its economy. This fryer without Cecotec is very often used as an oven, with the main advantage of reducing electrical energy consumption that this implies.

The most critical consumers refer to the fact that it is not as fast as a conventional fryer since, although its design is beautiful, it does not usually stick in current kitchens.


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Cecotec Cecofry

Thanks to its fan located in the upper position of the fryer, the Cecotec Cecofry is presented as the most efficient oil-free fryer from Cecotec. Its modern design , its versatility and why not say it, its price, make it one of the dietetic fryers best valued by the experts.

Its 1200-watt motor roasts, roasts, bakes and fries whatever you leave in its 3L capacity bucket without any effort. In addition, it is easier to use than ever, you just have to add a little oil and you can enjoy two exquisite dishes.

And yes, two dishes, because thanks to the size of its bucket it is possible to cook two dishes at the same time, thus improving the energy efficiency of this Cecotec oil-free fryer. This large bucket translates into a weight of 4.4Kg and measures 31.5 x 24 x 25.5 cm.

Its main advantages? Its really simple operation, with just 3 buttons you do it all. Its cleaning is not far behind, by disassembling the bucket you can clean it with a cloth and a little water, there is no residue of any kind.

It also has some drawbacks. Some users have reported that the food stirring paddle grates the bottom. However, everything points to a production failure in one of the batches, as it has occurred on a few occasions.


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Cecotec Cecofry Compact Rapid Oil-Free Fryer

Cecotec never stops surprising us. When they can’t seem to do better, they go and take out an oil-free diet fryer that, in addition to having a modern and compact design, has flawless operation and really low power consumption. Yes, I am talking about the Cecotec Cecofry Compact Rapid.

Inside it hides an electric motor with 900 watts of power that will go to work for you simply by pouring a tablespoon of oil and pressing a button. Thus, enjoying delicious, healthy and nutritious dishes is much easier.

As it is a compact model, as its name suggests, the capacity of the bucket is quite reduced, being 1.5L. Its dimensions are 32.2 x 27.4 x 27.4 cm and it weighs 3.64Kg, making it possible to store it in any corner of the kitchen. Still, it is possible to cook up to 400g of potatoes at once.

The amazing results of this Cecotec oil-free fryer are largely due to its Perfectcook hot air cooking system. On this occasion, they have managed to optimize air flows, resulting in more homogeneous and efficient cooking.

Inside it includes a recipe book so you can start cooking with it from the first moment. In addition, both for this dietary fryer and for the rest of the Cecotec brand you will find more recipes on the Internet.

It’s definitely a great appliance, right? Well let me tell you, you haven’t heard the best part yet. Analyzing its possibilities, such as the oven function, its size and its interface, we can say that it is the best oil-free fryer for its quality / price.

The main advantage of this Cecofry Compact Rapid is its unbeatable price. Never before has it been so cheap to buy a quality oil-free fryer. With this in mind, it is not surprising that it has accumulated hundreds of very, very positive comments.

The main criticisms they receive refer to the fact that the heat is not completely enveloping and that it does not generate the same cooking in all parts of the dish. The solution is to manually stir the food, as it does not have a paddle that does it automatically.


See here the updated price of the Cecotec Cecofry Compact Rapid


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