Metaltex Xpert

The veteran Swiss brand Metaltex, with more than 60 years of experience in the kitchen and household goods market, designs and develops high-quality items, using the latest manufacturing technologies, such as innovative cast aluminum, and cast aluminum. Pressure. These kitchen items cover all current kitchen areas and needs, providing modern solutions and the latest innovations such as their cast aluminum pans. And these Metaltex Xpert are the best example of that philosophy Swiss haute cuisine.

These frying pans are the highest quality in their production, designed for the most demanding cooks. With a thickness of 6 mm, it is very strong and durable. They are available in various sizes and models. Let’s see it in detail!


The Xpert pans Metaltex are a line of pans made of cast aluminum pressure, with a high quality and strength over time, and with their production in molten aluminum, have zero breaking strength (its parts do not go together with screws, they are made of a single piece) and to deformation.

The manufacture of die-cast aluminum- based pans deserves a separate chapter , because they are the most sophisticated and the highest quality on the market, with manufacturing processes that make them unique, and undoubtedly the best. The pans do not warp when cooking, they are resistant, and reach ideal cooking temperatures in less time than other pans. In addition, they are light despite the material of their manufacture, and they do not break because they are made of a single piece.

Cast aluminum, in this case under pressure, is light, has exceptional corrosion resistance, is strong and rigid and its thermal conductivity is the best known on the market. In addition, it is respectful with the environment, since it is one hundred percent recyclable. This type of aluminum manufacturing is widely used in the production of elements for electrical connectors and housings, therefore, in electricity benefits, due to its great resistance to high temperatures, and its use in the manufacture of frying pans, it is absolutely new and guarantees the best results in the kitchen.

The resistance of a good forging

Finally, it must be taken into account that this material is very sophisticated, since in its elaboration, in the forging process, the pans are produced in a single piece. It doesn’t have any binding, which makes it all pluses. On the one hand, dirt does not accumulate in corners and assembly places, as in other pans. And on the other, the parts can never loosen, which ensures robust operation and that the pan can last much longer in perfect condition, making it a safe and profitable economic investment.

In addition, thanks to their diffusing bottom, these pans quickly reach the ideal temperature for cooking, so they are perfect for saving energy, since thanks to their greater heat surface, they cook in 20% less time.


The Metaltex Xpert frying pan made with a three-layer anti-adherence bottom with Ilag Ultimate technology, and certified free of toxic PFOA and BPA, essential in the manufacture of the non-adherence materials of the frying pan, so that toxic particles, when reaching the frying pan, are high temperatures, can never be transmitted to food.

Thanks to the 6 mm thick bottom with Ultra speed full induction technology, the Xpert frying pan is suitable for all types of cookers, including induction.

The X-PERT line of pans features the high quality Ilag Ultimate non-stick coating . This non-stick is composed of three layers and Swiss technology, so it can be cooked with just a few drops of oil, in a healthier and healthier way, and respectful of the environment.

Main features

The Xpert Metaltex pans can be cooked quickly and efficiently, thanks to reach a cooking temperature quickly, they are very versatile, easy to use and resistant. Among its main characteristics, the following stand out:

  • They are made of die-cast aluminum.
  • It has an ergonomic Soft Touch handle, soft and easy to use.
  • Manufactured with a 6 mm heat diffuser bottom with Ultra-Speed ​​full induction technology, which saves energy and cooking times.
  • These pans are compatible with all types of cookers: electric, gas, vitro ceramic and induction.
  • Three-layer anti-adhesion with Ilag Ultimate technology, and certified free of PFO toxins .
  • Brazing Bottom manufacturing, which reduces energy consumption by reaching the optimum cooking temperature in 20% less time, and has a larger heat surface.
  • The set of pans have a 3-year guarantee.

Between you and me

The Metaltex Xpert pan set is designed for the most demanding people in the kitchen, who are going to use the pans continuously, due to its robustness, versatility and resistance to high temperatures. It would be the perfect pan for restaurant kitchens or intensive homes, as they are pans with a lot of durability over time that remain in perfect condition for years.

For those who enjoy cooking and are going to use it, it is a very successful purchase. Durability over time guarantees investment for those who cook very often in pans. Its shock and corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, outstanding conductivity, and toxic-free construction make this skillet one of the most balanced options. 

Maybe you are interested

If this set of pans is not what you were looking for, you may be interested in taking a look at the San Ignacio Infinity pans, made of forged aluminum, which makes them very resistant and durable. They are equally resistant to high temperatures, bumps and scratches. Furthermore, forged aluminum is also an excellent conductor of heat. In addition, they have a double anti-adherence layer. Do we see them?

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