Typical dishes of Ecuador in each of its regions

Ecuador is a country with a great diversity of plant life, this favors the production of its food; For that reason, Ecuadorian food is one of the most varied and delicious in the world.

Food production in Ecuador is abundant and varies according to the geographical area.

Main typical dishes of Ecuador

These dishes are usually characterized by the presence of shellfish and fish, as this country has a great coastline.

The banana is also one of the essential ingredients in the Ecuadorian diet; and regarding meats, chicken, lamb, guinea pig and beef stand out.

Here I recommend a series of dishes that completely frame Ecuadorian gastronomy:

Green bolon

It is a dish whose main component is the green banana. It consists of a ball made with a salted banana dough, its size is usually that of a fist. You can add as additional ingredients: cheese or fried meat.

You can eat these balls both fried and roasted, it will be up to your preference.

As a curious fact, I can tell you that this dish is considered the national dish of Ecuador.


The crab is a boiled crustacean, where previously ingredients such as coriander, oregano, white onion, black pepper, salt, coriander, green and ripe bananas are added.

You can accompany it with a salad of onions, canguil and chilfes.

The crustaceans that are usually used for this dish are crabs, pangora, blue and red. I recommend that you be very careful when choosing, since not all species are edible and in Ecuador around 14 different species are bred.


Ceviche, also known as sebiche, can be prepared with meat or fish and seafood.

This is usually marinated with citrus dressings, such as sour orange and lemon. You can also add jicama, tomato, coriander and chili.

I recommend you try it, as this is also known as a star dish in Ecuador.


It is a meat cutlet that can be cooked either on the grill or on the grill; You can accompany it with rice, potatoes, eggs, onion or some sauces, everything to your liking.

The secret to preparing a good steak is the seasoning that you give the meat, I recommend that you use seasonings such as onion, olive oil, salt, garlic, pepper and cumin.

Pumpkin cream

The pumpkin is known under the name of auyama, is a puree that is made with this vegetable and is usually crushed with vegetable broth or chicken.

Fish soup with onions

This dish is usually very popular in the coastal area, as it is a fish scam that can be accompanied by pickled red onion and yucca.

The broth is made with liquefied yucca, seasoned with cumin, chili and other spices. Generally, albacore is the fish used for this dish, but it can also be tuna or billfish.

They usually serve it together with rice, bread, lemon juice, chili pepper or canguil.

Typical dishes of Ecuador in the Coastal Region

Ecuador’s beaches are recognized as the best in the world and one of its greatest tourist attractions.

The diet is based on seafood and ingredients that can be grown in the area.

One of its faithful companions is coconut, this can be served in flakes, fried, as a condiment or complete food.

I recommend these typical dishes of the area:


This dish is a scrambled banana with cheese, which includes ingredients such as pork rinds, peanuts, beef or pork, and eggs.

It is usually served as breakfast or dinner, as it is a bit light and I recommend that you choose a coffee as a drink.

It bears this name because of the various shades that the dish presents.

Sausage broth

This is an ordinary soup, only its main ingredient is pork tripe.

The guts of the animal are usually stuffed with green banana, rice along with the blood and gingerbread.

Dry goat

If you hear the word ” dry ”, it means that the dish will be a stew of some meat.

The goat is simmered, along with wine, cumin, oregano, onion, parsley, tomato, beer, achiote and coriander.

You can accompany it with salad, stew, rice or potatoes.


It is one of the easiest dishes to prepare. It is a green banana cooking, mixed with peanuts and achiote. It should be cooked together with fish and shrimp, or beef ribs.

This dish has undergone variations thanks to the influence of Spanish cuisine, where it is usually accompanied by lemon and rice.

Typical dishes of Ecuador in the Sierra Region

The food of this region is one of the most common that you can find in the capital city

The special ingredients in these dishes are potato and corn.

If you want to try a typical dish from this area, I recommend these 4:

Roasted cuy

The guinea pig is a species of rodent, its habitat is the Andean mountain range. It is prepared with different marinades, but its base seasonings are garlic, salt and cumin.

There are many preparations of this animal, but the most common is this.

Mote Pillo

This dish is a combination of European and indigenous cuisine, as it involves ingredients such as cooked hard corn and eggs.

It should be prepared with pork fat and achiote. When it is ready, the eggs are added on top and stirred until the mixture is uniform. And it is added as a final element: chopped green onion, pepper and salt to taste ; even if you want you can put milk and cheese on it.

In some areas it is generally consumed for breakfast.


It is a soup made with beef belly, potatoes, liver and lamb booklet. You can accompany it with onions, avocado or blood from the beef itself.

You can find this dish throughout the nation.


This dish is one of the most popular in the Sierra area. It is a pork roast that is usually served with potatoes, avocado, mote and fried plantain.

Depending on the area where you are, its preparation may vary.

Typical dishes of Ecuador in the Amazon Region

There are approximately 400 tribes distributed in the region. Due to its thickness, it is limited to cultivate due to the little space between trees.

Generally, they only hunt animals and some fruits, berries, or roots that they can find.


It consists of a papaillot of various ingredients, these are usually: fish, meat, frogs, organ meats or birds. All of that should be wrapped in kwan panga leaves.

You can accompany it with cooked yucca or green plantain.

Chontacuro skewer

This worm is 7 cm long and 5 in diameter, has a high protein content. It is prepared roasted over firewood, crossed by skewers.

Typical dishes of Ecuador in the Insular Region

Due to the large number of tourists, more than natives, the typical food was almost completely lost, but also dishes based on seafood or fish tend to abound.

I recommend you try the following dishes:

Seafood rice

It is one of the main foods that you can find in the Galapagos.

Seafood can be: shells, mussels, shrimp or squid. They are usually prepared with coriander, onion, garlic and various spices.

Cod with potato

This dish is consumed by most of the natives for its simple preparation. Its secret lies in the incorporation of potatoes to the plate.

First you must cook the cod, then add a sauce previously made of garlic, green or red pepper and tomato; I recommend that you add white wine. And then you can add the potatoes, you can cook them for approximately 25 minutes.

Each country offers an excellent range of typical dishes and Ecuador is no exception. The regions show you different dishes, along with the beauty of the landscape. If you want to see the history of a Country, I recommend that you observe its gastronomy, it will give you the answer you need.

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