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At we think that kitchen equipment is one of the most important things in which money should be invested in a house. Do you also think that the kitchenware should be of quality and durable? Then you will love the Monix Granite pans!

We all know Monix and we know that it is a brand committed to its customers, but its Granite range is a step above everything we were used to. Whether in terms of quality, design, price, durability or results, Monix Granite pans are one of the smartest purchase options for you if you are a demanding user in the kitchen.

Monix is ​​a company that little by little has been gaining the trust of its customers, and that can only be achieved by offering a quality product, improving year after year and offering competitive prices. Do you want to know why their Monix Granite range is so highly valued? Take a look at its main features and find out for yourself!


The secret of the Monix Granite range is its manufacturing material, forged aluminum. Undoubtedly a correct decision by the Monix team, since it gives it very interesting properties when cooking.

Without going any further, forged aluminum distributes heat evenly and much faster than other materials, thus allowing you to save energy while making your usual recipes faster and easier.

In addition, when it receives the forging treatment, the aluminum hardens and high quality finishes are achieved, but above all, more durable and resistant finishes than those obtained with other manufacturing methods.

However, it is not the only material that has been used, for example, the handles of the pans are made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel. In addition, the pan has a characteristic stone effect that is achieved with an additional material.


The non-stick coating is one of the fundamental parts of every skillet today. In fact, the main reason we get rid of our old ones is because they stick together. Monix knows this, which is why they have decided to use one of the best non-stick coatings on the market on their Monix Granite pans.

Specifically, we are talking about the Quantanium trilayer nonstick made of titanium particles. Exactly, the best of the best in non-stick. With this coating they ensure that nothing sticks, but in addition, its titanium particles are responsible for giving the unit durability.

In this way, extreme heat, scratches or even the food itself have it much more difficult to damage this very important layer of our pans, prolonging their useful life for many more years.


One of the reasons that Monix has been able to become such a respected company is because of its desire to provide its customers with the most advanced products. In this sense, all its products have very important technological improvements that increase their durability and performance.

In this sense, the Granite range stands out for including 2 of the brand’s technological milestones:

  • Metaltech technology : refers to the hardening of the surface of the pan with titanium particles. This treatment is becoming more common in recent years due to the amount of benefits it brings to the pan.
  • QuanTanium Technology : Monix’s high-performance coating is the result of its QuanTanium technology, which makes use of this element to increase the durability of the non-stick coating.

Advantages of Monix Granite pans

However, this is not all that these pans have to offer, but they also have a series of advantages that make them far superior to their competitors:

  • It has been manufactured with mechanisms that respect the environment, so that in addition to being more energy efficient, it has also polluted less when manufactured.
  • They are suitable for all types of fires, that is, it does not matter if your kitchen is electric, gas, induction or if you have a vitro, Monix Granite is for you. All this is possible thanks to its bottom, which hides a sheet of laser-rectified AISI 430 steel.
  • Often neglect the ergonomics in the kitchen, but Monix get to go hand in hand. Its stainless steel handle is perfectly shaped to reduce the sensation of weight in the hand and to give it the elegant touch that every frying pan needs.
  • It is oven and dishwasher safe, although we always recommend that the less the pan is exposed to such treatments, the better.

Conclusion, are Monix Granite pans worth it?

Monix Granite pans are one of the best options available if you are looking for quality kitchenware that will last for years and years like the first day, but without sacrificing modern comforts and technology.

Everything in them is designed, built and assembled with the end customer in mind, and when you have the opportunity to cook with one of these, it shows, from the touch to the way they cook.

Specifically, they are designed to give their maximum performance in sautéed and simmered cooking. But that does not mean that they cannot be used in a specific way for another type of kitchen.

In short, it is a set of premium pans from one of the best kitchenware brands in the world for a ridiculous price. Therefore, if they fit what you need, we do not think you can find a better offer.

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