Tefal Meteor

Tefal Meteor Ceramic are now available for sale and to make preparing our best recipe easier. The internal structure and manufacture of this pan will allow you to live the best culinary experience with excellent cooking. Of course, as long as you keep in mind its peculiarities.

We are facing a ceramic frying pan from the prestigious French firm Tefal, which we remember is the No. 1 manufacturer of kitchenware in the world. What does this mean? Well, he has plenty of experience to make excellent products . A different thing is if this pan is suitable for what you need. Let’s see.

Its central point changes color to alert you when it reaches the perfect cooking temperature. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about overheating, almost as if you were in total sync with your pan. That’s the positive, but not everything in this pan is rosy.

As always, we leave you with a short video where you can see the main characteristics of this Tefal Meteor. It is not in Spanish, but it is still perfect to see its qualities up close.


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