Westinghouse Black Marble

The famous Westinghouse brand, of American origin, but which is already widespread throughout the world, is not only popular for household items. It has many more operations and has developed a lot of industrial baggage throughout history. This has allowed him to create a series of high-quality products, such as the Westinghouse Black Marble Skillet, which is attracting great interest from the public due to its unique characteristics.

Although there are several models under this brand and design, this time we will carry out an analysis on the Westinghouse frying pan: its characteristics, its functionalities and the advantages it presents over other brands. The Westinghouse family has different product models and is a popular brand, but not as well known or familiar as others. The truth is that it has an excellent value for money and its acquisition is simple, since it can be purchased online.

Westinghouse Black Marble Skillet Materials

One of the reasons why this model attracts attention among the public is its coating. It has a triple layer non-stick coating, which provides a marbling effect to the surface that you like so much. Thanks to this, it allows you to make any dish or recipe: sauté, fry or grill without the food sticking. In addition, it distributes the heat evenly, which guarantees a symmetrical cooking throughout the pan. The latter is perhaps what everyone aspires to in the kitchen, as it provides security and tranquility.


Westinghouse Black Marble pans are 100% free of PFOA, which means that it can be cooked in a totally safe and toxic-free way, thus guaranteeing the health of all your customers in the short and long term since their food does not absorb harmful substances .

This topic has become very important in recent years, as many people are afraid that their cookware will produce harmful emissions while cooking, which could severely harm the health of family members or guests.

Adaptability to types of cuisine

This frying pan meets all the expectations of any user, as it can be used in all types of kitchens. It is compatible with induction, gas, glass ceramic or electric cookers. Currently, one of the most frequent problems that users find when buying elements of a cookware is knowing if it will adapt to their fire, especially when it comes to induction.

This is because not all brands work with the same formats and materials as those used by Westinghouse. Their products have such adaptability thanks to the flat base of their pans, which guarantees a correct distribution of heat both in induction and in other sources, which allows to achieve a fast and homogeneous cooking, something that few brands offer unfortunately, with the that in the end some areas burn the food, while in the others it remains raw.


It has an excellent balance between the quality of the product and the sale price, which is around 30-50 euros depending on the size. It is very easy to acquire, as it can be purchased over the internet, which would bring you home in a few days without having to travel, which speeds up the entire process.

Westinghouse Black Marble Skillet Design

It presents a compact and elegant design, with a soft black silicone handle, which is kept cold while cooking, allowing you to keep your hands safe, avoiding burns.

Its ergonomic and pleasant handles adapt perfectly to the hands, allowing an optimal and easy grip when cooking. There are different sizes ranging from 20 to 24, 26, 28 and 30 centimeters. In addition, although the most common handle is black, they can be found with one in a wood tone and another in gray, thus giving users the option of choosing the one they like the most. All of them are perfect and help to preserve that premium and sophisticated air that the brand has.

Cleaning the Westinghouse Black Marble

Everyone wants to optimize their time as much as possible; therefore, kitchen products that are dishwasher safe tend to be very well received. And this is the case of this frying pan, which can be washed both by hand and by machine, as its non-stick coating makes it very easy to clean.

As can be seen, it is a very versatile line that adapts to all kitchens, whether they have a hob or gas, and whether or not they have a dishwasher.

Characteristics in favor

The most interesting thing about this pan is summarized below:

  • It is non-stick, with a triple layer coating with a marble effect.
  • It is free of PFOA, which allows healthy and safe cooking for the whole family.
  • Easy to clean, since being non-stick they scrub very well by hand, but they are also dishwasher safe.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Heat resistant handle, which helps protect users’ hands.
  • Sober and elegant design
  • Universal frying pan: suitable for gas, glass-ceramic, electric and induction; that is, for all audiences.
  • Thanks to its large surface, you can fry or sauté any food without problems.
  • There are more products in the same range: pots, pans, pans, roasters and saucepans.
  • Easy acquisition: it is a brand and product that can be easily purchased through the internet.

Characteristics against

Although they have few disadvantages or cons, below we will list the two points that can be analyzed in this section.

  • Weight: its 800 grams may be too much for some people.
  • Price: although it is not high, cheaper models can be found, although not with the same benefits.

Between you and me

This brand has excellent recommendations and a very appropriate value for money. However, if you want to know other models, the Tefal Unlimited model presents a range of pans with sizes and prices very similar to those of this Westinghouse Black Marble frying pan. In addition, the good quality of its products has been well known in Spain for decades.

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