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Magefesa Inoxtar

Magefesa is a brand that has been present in our home  for more than 60 years. If you don’t know it, today you will be able to know a little about one of the Magefesa pot lines .  This is a brand that aims to have high quality products that are completely safe. And of course, easy to use for everyone. We present an option for you to use in your kitchen, the Magefesa Inoxtar. This is a pressure cooker for you to cook your meals very quickly and economically.


Magefesa has always strived to use the best materials for the construction of its pots and all its products. In the case of the Magefesa Inoxtar we find a pressure cooker that is made of 18/10 stainless steel. This material not only makes the Magefesa Inoxtar a pot with a very long useful life. But also this is a material that is ultra hygienic. These pots do not absorb particles or odors from any type of food. Also, aesthetically, they look great in our kitchen.


When choosing a pressure cooker we must think about many things. Like security, the materials with which it can be built, etc. But, it is also very important that we take the time to see the compatibility of these products. Well, we do not know when we will change the kitchen, the house or we will have to lend our pot to a friend or family member.

The Magefesa Inoxtar pressure cooker is compatible with all types of cookers, including induction cookers. No matter what kind of fire we expose her to, she will always present her best work. Without cracking or being permanently damaged.

Main characteristics of the Magefesa Inoxtar

The Magefesa Inoxtar has a wide variety of features that will help us decide on this pressure cooker. We will tell you the most important ones for you to make your decision.

1-. The first thing we must say about the Inoxtar pot from Magefes a is its capacity. This is a pot that is available for 6 and 8 liters. Both perfect for cooking all our food. In this case it will depend on how big your family is to choose the one that best suits your needs.

two-. This is a pressure cooker that is suitable for all types of fires. Including induction cookers. This is highly favorable. Well, it will allow us to change the kitchen, move house, take it on vacation or even lend it without fear that it could be damaged.

3-. The Magefesa Inoxtar pressure  cooker is a cooker that is constructed of a hygienic material. Stainless steel. As we mentioned previously, it is one of the best for the elements that we will use in our kitchen.

4-. The Magefesa Inoxtar is a pressure cooker that helps to present the vitamins, minerals and flavors of any of the food that we are cooking. Also, this pot will allow us to cook a variety of foods. We can cook in it from vegetables, meats and even desserts.


5-. One of the great advantages of the Magefesa Inoxtar is that it saves more than 70% of energy. This quality will allow us to enjoy much more time with the family. In addition, it will give us the opportunity to save on the electricity and electricity bill of our home.

6-. The Magefesa Inoxtar pressure cooker is a European model that has a progressive closing system. It certifies that we will be completely sure that we will be cooking our food very well. And, in addition to that we are completely safe from any pressure or vapor leak.

7-. One of the great advantages is that it has an internal pressure regulation. As well as 3 security systems that are perfect for the inexperienced in the kitchen and experts will find it very comfortable and easy to deal with.

8-. Finally, the most innovative features of this pot is that it has a triple Alutherm diffuser bottom. This will allow us to cook our food not only in a faster way. But it also won’t matter if the food is on the rim or in the center of the pot. With the aim of achieving a perfect cooking.

Between you and me

The Magefesa Inoxtar is a pot that is a good option for our pocket. It is of quality and has security. One of the great advantages is that it is backed by a brand that has been in the market for a long time. This guarantees that we will have a fixed product that will last us for a long time.

If you are looking for a pressure cooker, Magefesa Inoxtar is a good selection. You just have to pay attention to the characteristics of the cooker so that you can define if it is suitable for everything you need for your cooking routine.

Advantages of the Magefesa Inoxtar Express Pot

1-. One of the great advantages of this pot is its compatibility. As we can use it in any kitchen and with any type of stove, it guarantees that we will have a product that we can trust without problems.

two-. In addition, it has three security systems. This is a huge advantage. Many people fear using pressure cookers. And with these systems, we can be calm in our kitchen while we prepare our food. 

Disadvantages of the Magefesa Inoxtar Express Pot

If we must talk about the Magefesa Inoxtar pot and mention one of its drawbacks, it may be that its design is classic and with many similarities to the pots of a decade ago.

Maybe you are interested

If you have not been convinced that this is the ideal pot for you and your family, we recommend that you review the Fissler Vitavit Comfort and Premium. These are wonderful pots that will adapt to your needs.

Finally, they have advanced technology and an ultra-secure closure that will even indicate the moment when the pot is properly closed to begin with the pressure and cooking of the food. On the other hand, they are ultra-fast pots that allow us to cook our meals in a short time and guarantee that they will have all the necessary nutrients and vitamins for our daily diet.

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