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GM Model G Pot

The GM Model G Pot  is a multifunction robot with a large capacity, no less than 10 liters (to prepare 20 servings). Thanks to its 19 different ways of cooking, we can prepare all kinds of recipes quickly, saving us a lot of time in the kitchen, especially when we are talking about large quantities.

Do you want to know who is behind the GM Cookers? Well, the young and well-known Valencian company Cecotec, specialist in small kitchen appliances, using the highest technologies available on the market, they do not stop creating and innovating! And all to achieve the best culinary results in any type of preparation, with the best accessories and the most innovative cooking techniques.

We leave you with a short video where you can see all the characteristics of this GM Model G Cooker, within video!


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The GM Model G Pot  is made of high quality stainless steel and BPA free. It is one of the best materials for use in the kitchen, since it does not transmit flavors or odors, and it does not deteriorate with its use. In addition, the bowl is non-stick.

Capacity and Power

The GM Model G 10L Pot has a power of 1000W, more than enough to develop its 19 cooking functions, and the largest kitchen capacity that currently exists 10L, for a maximum of 20 menus in a single operation.

Main Features of the GM Model G Pot

Thanks to its 19 cooking programs, there is no cooking recipe that can escape us or go wrong! The GM Model G Pot is an all-terrain kitchen robot that can cook to perfection for up to 20 people. Among its main characteristics, the following stand out:

  • It is a multifunction programmable kitchen robot , which can cook with or without pressure, up to 20 menus in a single operation.
  • It is programmable 24 hours to have food ready at the desired time.
  • It has 19 different cooking programs, to cook any type of recipe.
  • Some of its kitchen functions are: turbo, pressure, steamed, stew, simmer, poach, confit, ferment, bread, dessert, rice, pasta, grill, fry, fry and oven. In addition, it presents the option of heating and reheating
  • Eco mode, which saves up to 50% energy.
  • It has a GM Drive Navigator that makes cooking tasks much easier, it’s like having a real helper in the kitchen!
  • Innovative ergonomic GMView design, with 100% display control.
  • With the new intelligent GMCore system we will never go wrong It is capable of adapting the cooking to the amount of food, the dishes will always come out at their exact doneness!
  • It has 11 adjustable temperatures (from 70º to 200ºC) and 5 adjustable pressures (between 70 and 90 kPa).
  • Besides, it is a polyglot robot! With a guided system in 6 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German.
  • It has 14 different safety systems, to ensure the correct operation of the pot and cook at high pressures without any risk.
  • Community on social networks and the internet to share recipes.
  • Accessories included: 10-liter Daikin bucket, ladle, measuring cup, baking rack, frying basket and manual-recipe book, with 80 recipes.

Advantages of the GM Model G Pot

The GM Model G 10L Pot is a very advanced kitchen robot, with all the kitchen technologies incorporated, to make our lives easier and cook with incredible results in less time than we expect. In addition, it can do it for 20 people, an achievement and a real help so that we do not spend the morning cooking! Its main advantages include the following:

  • It is a perfect pot for newbies in the kitchen. Thanks to its navigation system, the steps can be easily followed, as well as voice guidance in 6 different languages.
  • Its timer to program with 24 hours is perfect to have the food ready at the desired moment.
  • It is capable of preparing all kinds of recipes, even baked recipes and also the frying function, thanks to its small basket.
  • The constant exchange and renewal of recipes is a plus to always have variety in the kitchen.
  • For those who are more skeptical when it comes to pressure cooking, there is no need to worry! Its 14 safety systems for cooking at high pressure is perfect for cooking without danger.
  • Thanks to its Eco Mode, we save up to 50% energy, which will show on electricity bills.

Disadvantages of the GM Model G Pot

No significant drawbacks have been detected. The only “downside” for putting any, is that it is not specified if its accessories are valid for the dishwasher.

Between you and me

La Olla is an all-rounder in the kitchen, capable of preparing all the recipes that we can imagine easily, intuitively and with the best results. It looks amazing, but it can cook for up to 20 people. Its ergonomic GMView system improves visualization, and thanks to its voice control, it is a perfect pot for people with vision problems, since the whole process is guided.

Although its size and performance may be a bit scary, let’s not get overwhelmed! It is intuitive, easy to use, and thanks to its guidance system, we will have no problem making all kinds of recipes. It is an ideal pot for families with many members and people who need speed to cook, and also for users with little time to cook in a traditional way.


See here the updated price of the GM Model G Pot


Maybe you are interested

If the GM Model G 10L Pot is not what you are looking for, because it is too big for you, we advise you to take a look at the GM Model H Pot. We believe that it is the most complete and balanced for the majority of users (except for the large families to which the Model G will be perfect). But for most families, the H model has plenty of accessories available and its 6-liter capacity should be more than enough for cooking, eating, and still freezing.

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