Kitchen Robots

Bosch AutoCook

The Bosch AutoCook is a multifunction programmable cooker, which has the most advanced heating and induction technologies, which provides quick cooking with excellent results. Prepare all kinds of dishes, from starters to desserts and traditional stews, in much less time than a traditional pot, achieving the exact point and texture in all preparations.

The veteran German company Bosch, the oldest in Europe, is a leader in the manufacture of all types of household and business appliances. In kitchen appliances, it is one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Your AutoCook pot is a perfect ally for those cooks who have little time and want the maximum variety in the preparation of recipes. Because Bosch AutoCook saves time in preparing the best recipes, and the most sophisticated culinary proposals, as well as the most traditional ones, will always be perfect.   

We leave you with a short video where you can appreciate how easy it is to cook with this  Bosch AutoCook Robot !

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