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If you have a passion for making homemade pasta or baking, Cecotec, with its Cecomixer robots, can be your brand of reference. With two models available, Cecotec Cecomixer Easy, more basic, and Cecotec Cecomixer Compact for beginners, the dough for cakes, homemade pasta, bread and pastries will be simply perfect! And you can leave the whole family with your mouth open. We see what the main features of each of the models are.

First of all we leave you with a short video where you can see the features of the Compact model. Inside video!


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Main characteristics of the Cecotec Cecomixer Compact

This Cecomixer Compact mixer is the superior version of the two Cecomixers. It has a great power and more capacity of the bowl, no less than 5.6 liters of capacity, so you can prepare cakes, cupcakes and desserts of all kinds for a large number of diners, and without a doubt you will be able to show off thanks to its main functions :

  • Planetary motion mixer to achieve well-worked and completely homogeneous doughs.
    It has 6 functions, so you can knead, whisk, whip, emulsify, mix and stir.
    It has a HardGear System, a transmission through gears that is capable of taking advantage of 100% of the engine’s power.
    It has 4 speeds and a stainless steel bucket with 5.6 liters of total capacity.
    It has an anti-splash cover to avoid accidents in the kitchen and that the tasks of assembling, kneading and mixing are cleaner.
    Its Security Check System ensures operation only when the machine is properly closed and with the splash cover on.
    AC motor with a power of 1,200W, more than enough to develop its functions as a mixer and mixer.
    Control function of its 4 speeds, in a very simple way thanks to the control panel with indicator lights. Take advantage of the slower speeds to knead and the fastest to whip cream or bring the egg whites to the point of snow.
    Includes the following accessories: kneading arm, dough arm and whisk.

Main characteristics of the Cecotec Cecomixer Easy

The Cecotec Cecomixer Easy is a simpler operating mixer-kneader, to achieve the best doughs thanks to its orbital movement, which will leave the mixture completely homogeneous, and without effort. Its main characteristics and benefits are the following:

  • It has a steel bowl with a capacity of 3 liters, 5 functions and 6 speeds.
    Its functions allow kneading, whipping, mixing, assembling and emulsifying. You can make bread, whip cream, make cupcake batter, and many more baking functions!
    Planetary movement totally selectable by means of the bowl slider, which can be fixed or with orbital movement. The doughs will be completely worked and homogeneous. This movement is ideal for delicate pastry doughs, due to the wide and fast rotary movement.
    It has all the necessary accessories for mixing and kneading: the mixer, a set of two rods and a set of two spirals.
    High quality manufacture with protection design for the rods and spirals, so that the mass does not enter the mechanical part.
    It incorporates a new security system, the Security Motor System, a high-performance reinforced motor that is protected against overheating, to ensure the maximum useful life of the Cecotec mixer. This system will interrupt the process when the engine reaches high temperatures, and only allows it to run after the engine has cooled down.

Advantages of the Cecomixer Easy and Cecomixer Compact mixer-mixers

Whether you are a beginner or if you already have experience in making dough for bread and pastries, these two kitchen robots will excite you! One is more basic, with 5 functions, and another with 6 (it also has the ability to stir the dough). But both are easy to use and intuitive, and their main advantages are as follows:

  • Its Security Check System interrupts the operation of the engine, should the circumstance of overheating occur, and takes care of its useful life. The engine will not start again until it has cooled down. In addition, in the case of the Cecomixer Compact, the appliance does not start if it is not properly closed and the splash cover is tightly closed, and the rods are correctly placed inside the container bowl.
  • Easy and intuitive with five common functions: beat, knead, emulsify, whip and mix, and a sixth stirring function on the Cecomixer Compact mixer.
  • Its planetary movement allows you to work the dough with an intense and rapid rotation of the blades and rods, so your pastry dough will always be perfect and homogeneous in texture.
  • Thanks to the power of the motor, the masses are worked very easily. With the Cecomixer Compact you can prepare up to 2 kg of dough, so you can make desserts, cakes, bread and cupcakes for many diners.
  • The manufacture of its bowl in high quality stainless steel, ensures a useful life of the container, which does not scratch easily. The accessories are all metal, and have a high resistance to continuous use.

Between you and me

Easy to use, intuitive, with elegant designs and built-in safety systems, the Cecomixer Easy and Cecomixer Compact mixers are a great purchase option, because they have a great value for money given their safety systems, the speeds available for the various elaborations, and the planetary movement that can be exerted on the masses to be worked, so that they are completely homogeneous and have a 100% professional texture.
In addition, the Cecotec brand is synonymous with constant innovationin each of its creations for the kitchen, always incorporating the best and most avant-garde technologies, to safely and cleanly cook your best culinary preparations. With prices that will leave you with your mouth open, if you like almost professional confectionery, do not forget to take this opportunity to get a Cecomixer!


See here the updated price of the Cecotec Cecomixer


Maybe you are interested

If the Cecotec Cecomixer Easy and Cecomixer Compact mixers are not what you are looking for, you may be interested in taking a look at the Bomann KM 6009 which also has a planetary mixing system, a 35º swing arm to attach accessories, and a non-slip base. with suction cups to prevent the device from moving while working the dough. It incorporates an extra-flat kitchen scale, with precision measurement gram by gram, up to 5 kg.

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