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KYG For Babies

The KYG Kitchen Robot for babies is a complete kitchen robot, especially for processing baby food, which has 4 functions: defrosting, heating, steaming and shredding. In the first stages of feeding a baby, hygiene and healthy eating are essential, therefore, a   kitchen robot like the KYG is a very practical and useful solution for those parents who are also taking their first steps in feeding. solid of your baby.

Manufacturing materials

The KYG steam kitchen robot for babies is made of innovative and resistant materials, free of BPA, lead and Flatates, to give it daily use in the kitchen, and with all the guarantees of safety and hygiene in cooking.

KYG Baby Capacity and Power

The KYG steam kitchen robot has a heating power of 300W, and a stirring power of 130W, enough for the four functions it performs. The water tank has a capacity of 200 ml.

Main features

The KYG 4-in-1 Steamer Food Processor is a versatile and comprehensive baby food processor capable of steaming, shredding, defrosting and heating all in one. This robot will save parents a lot of time in making baby food, and eliminating multiple kitchen pots for cooking. Its main characteristics are as follows.

  • Multifunction robot with the four basic functions, essential for the baby’s diet: defrosting, shredding, steaming and heating.
  • Steaming is quick, so it preserves all the vitamins and nutrients in the food.
  • Automatic shutdown in case of lack of water during cooking. The appliance will turn off automatically if the water level is below the required level.
  • Safety measures to prevent the robot from overheating and the tank from falling. Also, if the water tank is not properly seated in place, the robot will not start working. These two measures prevent accidents in the kitchen.
  • All accessories except blades are dishwasher safe.
  • The water container tank is very easy to fill, thanks to its wide opening and rotating cover.
  • When steaming, water vapor will be released, but the tank does not splash, to avoid burns in the kitchen.
  • It has an anti-burn handle to avoid accidents in the kitchen. After steaming, the basket can be easily and safely removed.
  • The cooking tank is removable and can be easily cleaned.
  • The jug has a quantity dispenser, to fill the tank correctly.

Advantages of the KYG Food processor for babies

  • It is a robot that performs the four basic functions for feeding the baby, so it saves the use of other kitchen utensils, and the saving in time is also considerable.
  • Its water container is removable. This allows us to easily wash the tank, and take advantage of the water left over from cooking with all its essential vitamins and nutrients, to freeze it, or to rehydrate the baby’s purees.
  • Its multiple safety systems make it possible to handle the robot with the baby in the kitchen, without the risk of unforeseen accidents. The robot will not work if the tank is not properly seated, and when steaming, the food will not leak water, avoiding hot splashes. In addition, the automatic switch-off prevents the appliance from overheating. It has an anti-burn handle to be able to take the jug once the food has been heated, without the risk of being burned. 
  • Steaming is quick, preserving all essential food flavors and nutrients.
  • Sound closure of the jar with a click, to indicate that it is properly closed, and that the robot can be used with all safety conditions.
  • Ease both in its daily use and in its cleaning.

Disadvantages of the KYG Steamer Food Processor for Babies

No notable drawbacks have been detected

Between you and me

The KYG 4-in-1 Steam Kitchen Robot is a good multi-function robot, which performs the four essential tasks in the first steps of feeding a baby: steam cooking, heating, shredding and defrosting. Steam cooking is fast and maintains all the necessary nutrients in the food, we can even take advantage of the excess water in the tank to make a broth, or rehydrate other purees.

The tank is removable, to facilitate its thorough cleaning, and all utensils are dishwasher safe, except for the blades.

It is an easy robot to use and thanks to the safety measures it includes, such as the automatic shutdown to avoid overheating, an anti-burn handle, and a system so that the robot does not work if the tank is not perfectly fitted.

In addition, it has an excellent quality-price ratio, one of the best on the market for special kitchen machines for feeding babies.

Maybe you are interested

If the KYG 4-in-1 Steamer Kitchen Robot is not what you are looking for, you may want to take a look at the Zanmini Baby Food Processor, which is also a very practical processor. It has the functions of steaming, liquefying, sterilizing, whipping, defrosting and heating.

It also has a timer function, very practical for monitoring cooking. It has a sterilization function, with manual time selection, by pressing the “disinfect” button. You can mix food and bottles manually and automatically. It contains 600 ml and 400 ml steam baskets, and has a touch screen to make it easier to use. It also has an automatic cleaning function, just by filling the water tank and pressing a button.

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