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ELO Practika XS

Elo is a brand that for years has been in charge of manufacturing kitchen products that make life much easier for its users. These are made with the best materials. In addition, they ensure that their products have a long shelf life. The Elo Praktika XS pot is one of their best-selling products.

The Elo Praktika XS is a small 2.7 liter pressure cooker but  perfect for everyday families. This gives us the security of a large pot, but with the convenience of a smaller pot.


For the construction of the ELO Praktika XS, the experts made sure to use the best materials on the market, so that users who had it in their hands were sure that this is a good tool for our kitchen, that it complies with all regulations. safety and that will facilitate the work.

It is made of 18/10 stainless steel, it also has a pressure relief valve right on the edge of the lid, which will prevent an accident with it or it can jump. In addition, the lid has the necessary security systems to avoid any inconvenience.

It has a special base that is made with a cylindrical shape to help the use of energy, in this way our food will cook evenly no matter that it is not in the center of the Elo Praktika XS pot.

Inside we will find a very good and elegant satin finish, as well as the level mark. On the other hand, on the outside the Praktika XS by ELO shows us an elegant, polished and shiny finish identical to the most expensive kitchen instruments.


When we buy a new pot we must always be very attentive to its compatibility, because we want instruments in our kitchen that are reliable and easy to handle, but that also give us the possibility of using it in any kitchen and that we can wash it completely. dishwasher safety .

Elo knows this and that is why your Praktika XS pot has the GS security seal. This guarantees that we can use it in all types of dishwashers. In addition, it is appropriate for all cooking times. Even induction cookers. This will give us a lot of versatility when cooking and we can take our pot anywhere.

Main features

  • It is made of stainless steel, this is a material that provides many benefits in the kitchen, as it gives us maximum hygiene, durability and minimal maintenance.
  • The Elo Praktika XS small pot has a very modern aesthetic.
  • It is highly resistant to high temperatures.
  • It has a valve to relieve pressure, right on the edge of the lid.
  • This Praktika XS pot has a special base that will give you the opportunity to make the most of the energy.
  • Inside it is designed with a satin finish.
  • The exterior design stands out for being polished and shiny.
  • The Elo Praktika XS pressure cooker features a GS safety seal.
  • It is suitable for all types of dishwashers.
  • It can be used in any type of cooker, including induction ones.
  • It has a long shelf life.
  • It has two pressure options depending on the type of cooking that the food requires.
  • The foods that are cooked in the Praktika XS by Elo retain up to 50% more vitamins and minerals compared to conventional pots.
  • Cooking in this pot consumes less time and energy.

Between you and me

If you are thinking of buying a new pressure cooker, but you don’t know which one to choose, our recommendation is the Praktika XS small pot from Elo. This will allow us to cook our food without major problem. Without any discomfort or fear that they do not meet safety standards .

It has two cooking levels which will allow you to regulate depending on the type of food you are cooking. On the other hand, it is a tool that has great durability and that will allow you to achieve your task in less time and preserving the nutritional elements of food, much more than conventional pots.

Also, this is an excellent tool for families. as it has the adequate capacity to cook for 2 to 3 people, but providing the convenience to store or wash it in the dishwasher. The lid is completely safe. You should not fear a steam leak or blow up.


1-. This is a very easy-to-use pot that provides all the comforts even for users with less experience in the kitchen.

two-. Its base distributes heat in the best way. In addition, this pot will allow you to cook all your food at the same level and with the same speed. Regardless of whether some are on the edge and others in the center of the pot.

3-. You can get the spare parts for the tires quite easily, so you will not have problems when they lose their good seal and begin to lose steam .


1-. The Elo Praktika XS pot is an excellent pot, but one of its drawbacks is that the instruction book is not as comprehensive as you might think. This can make newer users uncomfortable with these types of pots.

two-. Some of the versions of this pot may have some trouble closing. But it is a matter of the user getting used to the pot and its mechanism.

Maybe you are interested

If you are looking for an additional pot to the Elo Praktika XS or you simply have not been convinced by its size, we advise you to look at the Bra Efficient Express. This is a quick cooker. It has excellent qualities for people who need kitchen tools that are much more versatile and simple to use. In addition, due to its great speed you will be able to cook your food in less time and spend the remaining time with your friends or family.


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