Saint Ignatius Vita

Now yes! After a long wait and many consultations, we can finally analyze the new San Ignacio Vita that have caused such a stir. San Ignacio is one of those lifelong firms, experts in household items and that each collection they launch causes a lot of expectation. They are, together with the San Ignacio Professional Chef frying pan, the best sellers.

This Vita de San Ignacio collection was especially awaited, as the firm spent a long time working on it. For its development and launch, it had the advice and support of the prestigious Chefs Pepe Rodríguez, the Michelin Star jury of Masterchef; and Jorge Brazalez, the winner of this contest in its fifth edition.

Given their declaration of intent, their development phase and the good intentions of San Ignacio with this Vita model, let’s see if they are really worth it. These are not cheap pans, so let’s see if it is money well spent.

As always, we leave you with a short presentation video.

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