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In the world of kitchenware, there are some brands that stand out from the rest. Either because of their many years of experience, or because of the quality of their products, some kitchenware firms are becoming more famous than others. This is the case of the Tefal line, whose products we can see advertised on television, and can be found in many stores. Today, specifically, we are going to talk about Tefal Extra Brownie pans , a pan to make perfect crepes. Of course, the Extra Brownie family goes much further and we find all kinds of sizes and shapes. If you are looking for a pan for crepes, or a pan for pancakes, the Tefal Extra Brownie frying pan is, as we will see, the ideal frying pan.

The Tefal brand is postulated as one of the world leaders in kitchen utensils, and this can be seen reflected in the quality of its products. They are a sustainable line with the environment, which seeks to make cooking an easier world. Tefal has more than 50 years of experience in the market, years that they have used to perfect and innovate with their kitchen products.


Focusing on the Tefal Extra Brownie pan ,  we can see that it is made of aluminum. As we have already commented on other occasions, aluminum is one of the best materials for the manufacture of kitchen utensils, along with stainless steel.

And why is it one of the most selected materials? This is thanks to the advantages and facilities that it brings to the utensils that are made of this material.

To begin with, aluminum is a material resistant, both to corrosion, to high temperatures, and to bumps and scratches. This means that the Tefal Extra Brownie pan is a very durable pan , with which you can cook for many years, without damage or deterioration.

Aluminum is also a great conductor of heat. This helps food cook with less energy. The Tefal Extra Brownie Skillet retains heat for longer, even at low temperatures, so you can turn off the power source much sooner without your food losing heat.

In addition, the Tefal Extra Brownie frying pan  includes ergonomic handles made of heat-resistant material, to be able to grip the pan in a comfortable way, and without the heat being transferred from the pan to the handle.


The most important part  is the non-stick coating, especially when you are cooking crepes in a pan. It needs to be a scratch-resistant coating so that the non-stick is not lost. In addition, it must comply with the regulations of not including toxins that can be transferred to food during the cooking process. This Tefal Extra Brownie skillet meets those characteristics

The Tefal Extra Brownie Skillet features an environmentally sustainable Powerglide nonstick coating. This means that no toxic PFOA or PTFE chemicals have been used in its manufacture . In addition, thanks to the materials with which the non-stick layer is made, you can use less oil, cooking much healthier dishes.

Tefal Extra Brownie Technologies

The Tefal brand was one of the pioneers in including different technologies in its products that made cooking easier. One of them was the non-stick coating on the pans, to prevent food from sticking, and to use less oil in the kitchen. Throughout all their years of experience, they have included some of the best technologies in their products, providing them with higher quality.

Main Features

  • Manufactured in aluminum, which provides great resistance and durability to the pan. In addition to this, aluminum is a lightweight material, suitable for anyone to handle the Tefal Extra Brownie pan. Ergonomic handles made of heat-resistant material for better handling of the pan.
  • Technology DURABASE background. Thanks to this bottom of the pan, the heat is distributed evenly in each of the parts of the food. Therefore, forget that some parts of your dishes are too cooked or too raw.
  • Non-stick coating free of toxic PFOA and PTFE.
  • Sustainable system with the environment: this is given thanks to the non-stick layer, which allows you to cook with less oil, and the aluminum of the pan, which retains heat for longer.
  • Compatible with all types of cookers, except induction cookers and oven.
  • Compatible for cleaning dishwashers.

Advantages of the Tefal Extra Brownie skillet

  • The Tefal Extra Brownie frying pan is sustainable with the environment, since it certifies that its products are free of toxic PFOA.
  • The Tefal Extra Brownie Skillet is dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to spend extra time on care or cleaning.

Disadvantages of the Tefal Extra Brownie skillet

The only downside to this pan is that it is not compatible with induction cookers. Therefore, if your kitchen is induction, you will have to look among another of the many options that Tefal offers you.

Between you and me

Tefal, as we have mentioned right from the start, is a well-known kitchenware firm in the world. And this fame is well deserved, due to the quality of its products. Both in pans and pots, in pots and kitchenware, Tefal makes sure that all of them have a high quality.

Focusing on the Tefal Extra Brownie pan ,  we can highlight that it is a pan aimed at everyone. Due to its easy handling and lightness, as well as its compatibility with different types of cuisine, this frying pan adapts to the needs of the consumer.

From the Tefal Extra Brownie line, we can find traditional 26 and 32 cm pans, 28 and 34 cm diameter crepe pans, and even 28 cm wok pans. All these pans have the characteristics that we have detailed above, and their design has a brown effect finish . They are pans with a traditional look, but that include the best technologies, and that allow you to explore other types of cuisine, such as French cuisine with the crepe pan.

Maybe you are interested

If you are not convinced by this frying pan, we recommend that you take a look at the Tefal Emotion line . They are made of stainless steel, with a titanium non-stick coating . These pans are compatible with all types of kitchens, and have a silver effect finish .

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