Kitchen Robots

  • Photo of Klarstein GrandPrix

    Klarstein GrandPrix

    Although still little known in the Spanish market,   the Klarstein GrandPrix Kitchen Robot  is positioning itself in the kitchen…

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  • Photo of Bosch Mum4

    Bosch Mum4

    The veteran German brand Bosch, one of the most prestigious in the world in the   manufacture of kitchen appliances,…

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  • Photo of Jane Mini Goumi

    Jane Mini Goumi

    The Jane Mini Goumi Kitchen Robot is designed with the first stages of feeding the little ones in the house…

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  • Photo of Tommee tippee

    Tommee tippee

    The Tommee Tippee Kitchen Robot is a robot specialized in cooking and grinding food   for the first stages of…

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  • Photo of Chefbot


    The ChefBot Compact Steampro Kitchen Robot is not just any robot. It has been developed by a Spanish company and…

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  • Photo of Bosch AutoCook

    Bosch AutoCook

    The Bosch AutoCook is a multifunction programmable cooker, which has the most advanced heating and induction technologies, which provides quick…

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  • Photo of Zanmini food processor

    Zanmini food processor

    The Zanmini Kitchen Robot is a very useful baby food processor to relieve parents of continuous tasks in feeding their…

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  • Photo of Cookmii SM-1501

    Cookmii SM-1501

    The Cookmii SM-1501 dough mixer is being considered as one of the best mixers-kneaders of this year 2019, for its versatility…

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  • Photo of Taurus MyCook

    Taurus MyCook

    It is much more than a home kitchen helper. The Taurus Mycook kitchen robot is a  complete, avant-garde, highly functional…

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  • Photo of Bomann KM 6009

    Bomann KM 6009

    The Bomann KM 6009 Mixer is the perfect kitchen robot for processing all kinds of pastry and pastry dough, whipping…

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