Kitchen Robots

  • Photo of Kenwood Prospero

    Kenwood Prospero

    The British Kenwood, leader in the manufacture of kitchen robots, especially kneaders and food processors, presents Kenwood Prospero, a compact…

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  • Photo of Amazon Basics Slow Cooker

    Amazon Basics Slow Cooker

    Slow Cooking is more fashionable than ever, because it is a healthy, balanced way of eating, and with ingredients that…

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  • Photo of KYG For Babies

    KYG For Babies

    The KYG Kitchen Robot for babies is a complete kitchen robot, especially for processing baby food, which has 4 functions:…

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  • Photo of GM Pot Model H

    GM Pot Model H

    The Cecotec GM Model H Cooker is presented in different versions (Model H, Model H DeLuxe and Ovall) and have…

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  • Photo of Cecotec Mambo 10070

    Cecotec Mambo 10070

    Now yes, the new generation of Cecotec Mambo Robots and we believe that the most interesting quality / price of…

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  • Photo of Philips Avent

    Philips Avent

    The Philips Avent Kitchen Robot , twice awarded, is a robot specially designed to perform the most basic functions in…

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  • Photo of FussionCook FC7

    FussionCook FC7

    The FussionCook FC7 Smart Programmable Electronic Pot is one of the latest novelties from the Mallorcan company FussionCook Tecnologic. It…

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  • Photo of Aicok kitchen robot

    Aicok kitchen robot

    The Aicok Kitchen Robot is a very versatile and easy-to-use processor   that can carry out a large number of…

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  • Photo of Moulinex ClickChef

    Moulinex ClickChef

    An increasing variety of kitchen machines can be found on the market, as several companies are investing in their production.…

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  • Photo of Bosch Multitalent 8

    Bosch Multitalent 8

    Bosch presents the Multitalent 8 Kitchen Robot, from its Multitalent range of food processors. It is a versatile, fast, comfortable…

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