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This opportunity we will talk to you about Alex de Cloen pans. This is a set of 2 pans, which can be the ideal option for a small family. In addition, each of these pans has a triple non-stick layer.

The Cloen brand, by the way, has not been on the market for many years. However, it has quickly established itself as one of the most recognized kitchenware manufacturers for the quality of its products.

We leave you with a short presentation video where you can see its main characteristics.

Cloen Alex pans materials

The materials of the pans are one of the key factors that determine their durability and resistance. Therefore, it is always important to select pans that are made with quality materials and with excellent thermal properties.

Even if you don’t cook as often, you still want your pans to last a long time. Above all, that they remain in excellent condition without dents, scratches or loss of non-stickiness.

In this case, there are two key materials in Cloen Alex pans. The first one is aluminum, and the second one is silicone. Each of these materials offers its own advantages and benefits to users.

Forged aluminum

Aluminum is the main material in many of the best pans on the market. For these particular pans, the manufacturer has decided to use a forged aluminum alloy body.

As we know, aluminum is a material that conducts heat more efficiently. It also does it more quickly, which represents a significant time saving when preparing food.

If compared to other pans made of steel or iron. Cloen Alex pans show better performance thanks to the properties of aluminum. In fact, its high degree of heat conductivity makes it the ideal material for pans.

That is, with the pans made of forged aluminum. It is not necessary to increase the heat for your food to cook evenly. Another aspect that we want to highlight about Cloen pans is that their aluminum body begins to cool instantly when they are removed from the heat.

Also keep in mind that aluminum pans are much lighter than steel, iron, or even titanium pans. Therefore, and because they are almost light, it is much easier to use them without making a great effort.

The above is particularly useful in older people, or who have some kind of disability in their hands. The pans can be held firmly and without any safety risk.

They have a high degree of durability and resistance. Regardless of the type of food you cook, or the utensils you use in the pans. The surface is not damaged and remains intact.

And if you are concerned about the health of your loved ones. Stay calm, pans made of aluminum are non-toxic. That is, they do not release substances that are harmful to the body while you cook your food.


Another of the materials present in Cloen Alex pans is silicone. In this case it is found in the handles of the pans. In fact, the silicone on the handles has a very elegant and attractive wood effect.

There are many benefits that this material brings to pans. On the one hand, it is a soft and highly flexible material. Not only that, the silicone in the pans does not stain, nor does it wear away. It doesn’t even age like other materials.

In addition to providing great resistance to all use. Silicone is in no way toxic. One of its most important characteristics is its ability to withstand long periods of exposure to extreme temperatures.

It means no matter what temperature you cook at. The handles will not get hot or burn. But in addition to this, silicone has great flexibility, elasticity, and is even insulating.

In fact, silicone is a material that maintains its dielectric properties, even if food is prepared at very high temperatures.

Non-stick pans Cloen Alex

Let’s talk now about the non-stick on Cloen Alex pans. In this case, the manufacturer has opted for a ceramic non-stick coating. Thanks to this coating, it is possible to cook not only with a lower amount of fat.

It also helps prevent food from sticking to the surface of the pan. Additionally, the ceramic coating provides longer life, not to mention that it is not combustible, nor is it a toxic coating.

Like forged aluminum alloy, ceramic nonstick can also withstand extreme temperatures. Even ceramic has a great resistance to corrosion, as well as to practically all chemical agents.

Additional characteristics

  • It is a set of 2 pans with different measures. The largest skillet is 28cm in diameter, while the smallest pan is 24cm in diameter.
  • The pans also feature a 4mm thick heat sink bottom.
  • In addition, the pans have a 100% full induction base.
  • They even incorporate a visual indicator button to cook at the optimum temperature.
  • Pan protectors are also included to prevent scratches and extend pot life.
  • Additionally, the pans are suitable for use in all types of kitchens, including electric and gas hobs, induction, among others.

Advantages Cloen Alex pans

  • It is a set of 2 pans made of forged aluminum alloy, durable and highly resistant.
  • The pans have a non-stick ceramic coating that prevents food from sticking.
  • In addition, thanks to its inductive base, the pans can be used in all kitchens.
  • The heat is distributed over the surface of the pans more evenly.
  • Also, less oil is required for cooking.
  • The materials in the pans are not toxic or harmful to health.

Maybe you are interested

But maybe Cloen Alex pans are not what you need for your kitchen. In that case, how about taking a look at the Bra Efficient Orange pans . These pans are also made of aluminum, however the set is made up of 3 pieces.

Also, the bottom of these pans is 6mm thick, instead of 4mm. Not only that, the Bra Efficient Orange pans feature the Teflon Platinium Plus non-stick coating.

In short, it is an excellent alternative in case the Cloen Alex pans do not convince you at all.

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