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Amazon Basics Express Pot

When it comes to cooking there is a very important aspect that we must take into account and these are the tools we use to prepare our recipes. This is well known by the AmazonBasics brand that has been in charge of offering excellent products online to everyone for years.

They have a very careful and responsible manufacturing system. Additionally, AmazonBasics is tasked with testing each of its products and relies on customer feedback and feedback. Thus, try to achieve high levels of satisfaction. Does  the Amazon Basics express cooker get it ?

With this pot you can prepare homemade meals quickly and easily. This is a stainless steel pressure cooker that, combining steam, heat and pressure, will help us trap all the nutrients, moisture and flavor to achieve unmatched results.

Another feature of the Amazon Basics express cooker is that it will immediately steal your attention. It has a practical size with a capacity of 4 and 6 liters ( with steamer ) and both with 22 centimeters in diameter. With these measures, it will allow us to prepare a large number of recipes, including soups, meats, vegetables and even the occasional dessert. Let’s see its characteristics:


When it comes to kitchen tools we must be very attentive to the materials that compose them. In the case of the Amazon Basics express pot , this is a pot that is made of the best quality stainless steel. In addition, it has a plastic handle resistant to heat and the weight to which the pot may be subjected.


One of the most important details that we must look at when we are going to choose a new pot for our home is compatibility. The most important thing is that the pots are compatible with any type of fire and that they can be washed with the dishwasher. Well, the latter can greatly facilitate our lives. The Amazon Basics Express Pot is a pot compatible with any type of kitchen. Including gas and induction. On the other hand, you will not have any problem washing it in the dishwasher and thus you can save yourself the hassle of washing it by hand.

Main Features

  • The Amazon Basics pressure cooker is a stainless steel pressure cooker. You can find it in two capacities. Of 4 liters and 6 liters. This will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • As you probably already know, express pots allow us to cook all our food in much less time than conventional pots. The Amazon Basics pressure cooker is a quick cooker that will save us time cooking. In addition, you can start cooking dishes that, usually in normal pots, take hours. As are the beans. With the Amazon Basics pot you can conserve the nutrients of the food and all the vitamins they contain.
  • This is a pot that has 2 cooking levels. The slow one, which is ideal for meats and the fast one, perfect for vegetables. So basically with a single Amazon Basics express cooker you can do whatever you want.
  • Inside you will find a water level indicator. Which will prevent us from dirtying other utensils to achieve the amount of water we need.
  • The handles of the express pot are completely safe Bakelite so you wo n’t have any problem handling it.
  • One of the great characteristics of this pot is that it has a silent operation. It will allow us to be in peace in our kitchen.
  • It has a valve with a pressure indicator that will help us achieve a completely safe opening of the lid without fear of an accident.

Between you and me

Without a doubt, the Amazon Basics express pot is a safe bet. Both for people who have experience in the kitchen, and for the most inexperienced. This is a very useful pot, which is designed with the best materials. It will help us prepare our best meals in less time.

It guarantees that we will have more time with our family and that our food will be perfectly cooked and with as much nutrients as possible. On the other hand, one of the great features is that we will save a lot of money in terms of gas or electricity. Well, it will take less time to cook.

Advantages of the Amazon Basics express cooker

1-. The 6-liter pot includes a steamer. It means that we will not have to be buying much more expensive extra accessories.

two-. It will allow us to maintain the highest amount of vitamins, minerals and all other nutrients. What will help us to maintain a more balanced diet.

3-. As it is made with the best materials, it will guarantee that we will have a fast and excellent pressure cooker for a long time. In addition, as it is compatible with all types of kitchens and dishwashers, we will have no problem if we change the appliances in our home. So this Amazon Basics express cooker will stay with us for a long time.

Disadvantages of the Amazon Basics express cooker

1-. One of the main drawbacks of this cooker, which also happens with the vast majority of pressure cookers, is that it may require frequent plastic replacement. However, being an Amazon Basics product, we will always have very accessible and inexpensive spare parts.

Maybe you are interested

If you have not been convinced by the Amazon Basics pressure cooker, or you want to see other options, the Bra Facile cooker is excellent to meet all your expectations. Like this pot that we just presented to you, the Bra Facile is a quick cooker. It will allow us to cook our food in less time. Guaranteeing that we will have an excellent cooking. But, in addition, we will conserve the nutrients in our food and we will save a lot of time and energy.

On the other hand, this is a pot that opens easily. Hence its name. This will be perfect for people who are older or have very little experience with these types of pots. You just have to read the instruction manual and everything will be ready.

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